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Hi3 Solutions: Easier and Congruent Access to Health Information

Abdul-Malik Shakir, President, Hi3 SolutionsAbdul-Malik Shakir, President, Hi3 Solutions
The Health Information Exchange (HIE) space has been witnessing a stir caused by the incongruence in the implementation of data exchange standards within commercial healthcare software products. In many cases, the problem is the varying degrees to which vendor products adhere to and leverage the full capabilities outlined in the standards. This also applies to certified vendor products that are facing difficulties interfacing with one another due to disparities in how the options defined within the standards have been implemented. Identifying such deficiencies through their suite of HIE tools is California based Hi3 Solutions. After detecting adherence gaps within existing interface capabilities, Hi3 Solutions’ tools provide design transformation capabilities to overcome application interface disparities by enhancing existing middleware products such as interface engines, vocabulary servers, and enterprise service bus.

Hi3 Solutions’ adaptability tool HL7—an international standard that allows healthcare organizations to easily share clinical information—has been a great addition to the firm’s solutions wing. The HL7 standard provides standardization for healthcare system data and enables the derivation of meaningful quality and performance measures, and the development of evidence-based best practices. “Our products assist organizations seeking transition to this new paradigm of health information exchange by providing technologies and techniques that facilitate the use of all information exchange modalities,” says Abdul-Malik Shakir, President, Hi3 Solutions.

The whole intent behind the Hi3 Solutions suite is to assist healthcare organizations accelerate the adoption of standards. “Our Standard Conformance Validator (SCV) is tailored to help everyone involved in HIE validate the level of conformance to standards,” says Shakir. SCV provides three levels of conformance validation—compliance with encoding rules and syntax; conformance with industry standard implementation guides; and adherence to terminology bindings prevalent in standards and

guides. It enables healthcare organizations to import, compose, and customize encoding and syntax rules for relevant information exchange informatics standards such as HL7 v2, v3, and CDA standards, and X12 HIPAA transactions. SCV also assists in building an interface with existing HL7 CTS compliant vocabulary servers and value sets for use in semantic validation of coded data items in information exchange instances.

Driving effective health information exchange and data integration, Hi3 Solutions’ HII—Health Information Integrator—offers Integrated Data Repository (IDR) a relational database structure designed to match the HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM). The IDR facilitates the transformation of inbound data structures into compatible outbound structures, such as messages into documents, or HL7 v2 to v3.Shakir says, “The IDR helps our clients to future proof their products, by defining a standards-based data model allowing them to communicate with others who may not be using the same set of standards.”

Our products assist organizations seeking to transition to this new paradigm for HIE by providing technologies and techniques that facilitate the use of all information exchange modalities

Hi3 Solutions working to make their products more complete in the use of HL7 specifications by embedding the use of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) in the data acquisition and data exposure aspects of their applications. The firm also looks to embed quality measures such as the CMS, NCQA and JCAHO National Quality Core Measures as part of the Hi3 HQM–Healthcare Quality Monitor. HQM is a comprehensive suite of data warehousing and business intelligence solutions geared specifically toward monitoring quality and performance in healthcare in accordance with established measurement standards.