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Holon Solutions: Care Coordination through Streamlined Cloud Solution

In today's healthcare environment, collaboration between medical systems is more critical than ever. However, the lag in the sophistication of data applications, and usability issues of existing systems, pertaining to privacy and security concerns, is challenging the interoperability and information exchange within the medical ecosystem. Holon Solutions from Alpharetta, GA, provides information exchange solutions that facilitate the sharing and exchange of clinical information between providers. “Our solutions help organizations streamline data-flow processes and move them to the cloud to reduce costs and improve productivity,” says Mike McGuire, CEO, Holon Solutions.

Holon has built an Information Exchange Ecosystem, CollaborNet, which facilitates Health Information Exchange (HIE), designed to be suitable for any care system—large or small provider, in rural, urban or suburban areas.

By connecting fragmented clinical information, Collabornet avoids unnecessary services and delivers clinical outcomes at a lower cost. The solution can integrate easily with the existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, and keeps a tab of ongoing workflows. Through the solution, redundant services and unnecessary services can be reduced.

Wilbarger General Hospital, adopted CollaborNet HIE solution, primarily to one of their most demanding ar¬eas–lab orders. After the implementation, they were able to exchange health infor¬mation time bound to the right care provid¬ers, which resulted in overall improved patient care. Moving forward, Holon aims to enable seamless data exchange be¬tween hospitals and nursing homes for delivering better care.