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The Holvan Group: Improving Patient Education with Simple, Interactive Content

Michael Holliday, CTO&Co-founder, HolvanMichael Holliday, CTO&Co-founder, Holvan
It is a no-brainer that the proper diagnosis of a disease and effective treatment methods can play a massive role in enhancing an individual’s quality of life and prognosis. But it cannot be denied that patients’ misunderstanding about their condition and care can result in non-compliance with physicians’ recommendations. This adversely impacts patient health outcomes. Despite the undeniable benefits of effective education in improving patient outcomes, the challenge around educating patients is multi-faceted. The primary obstacles arise from the complexities of diseases and the limited health literacy of nearly half of the American adults. In such a scenario, there is a growing need for resources to be made available in laymen’s terms to communicate information in an easily understandable way for all patients. Additionally, materials should be authored at various reading levels and in different languages.

Like several care providers, Dr. Stephen R. Holtzman, MD, International Radiology (IR) Specialist, the CEO and co-founder at Holvan Group, was no stranger to these inherent needs. After several years of dissatisfaction around volume-driven medical demands, increased physician burnout, and reduced interaction with patients, he decided to turn the situation around and transform the patient engagement and education space. Instead of utilizing age-old methods of creating PowerPoint presentations for informing patients, Holtzman decided to create an unparalleled healthcare experience for patients and dramatically increase provider satisfaction through patient engagement. This laid the foundation for Holvan. “Our mission is to engage patients across the entire continuum of care and to optimize provider resources,” states Michael Holliday, CTO and Co-founder of Holvan.

To serve the purpose of educating patients and improving the quality of care, Holvan offers a mobile platform that creates a new and meaningful experience for both patients and physicians. “We have designed a platform that allows patients to access animated videos that are at an elementary school comprehension level,” states Holliday. “Our videos educate patients on their procedures, the risks, benefits, and alternatives before they see their physician. As such, they can have shorter, more high-quality consent talk with the physician. These also help physicians save about five to ten minutes per patient every day.” Holvan adds new procedures to its library and updates the consent videos for changes in medicine, along with informing about the risks associated with particular procedures.

By utilizing Holvan’s robust platform, physicians can continuously improve patient education and resolve the issues caused by language barriers with its multilingual videos.

We strive to make solutions to improve the lives of patients and providers across the country. I look forward to our future and continuing to grow and serve our population

The company provides information from reputable sources that can be easily accessed through the provider.

On the patient side, Holvan’s mobile app platform streamlines the patient preparation process and improves the interaction between patients and providers. Patients can access procedure preparation instructions, find imaging and outpatient centers or hospitals, and communicate seamlessly with medical staff. The app also allows patients to schedule and reschedule appointments while ensuring constant communication with facility managers and the billing department. Holvan has also developed a physician communication app called Gladstone that allows physicians can easily connect with their colleagues via text messages and calls, saving their valuable time and reducing their stress. More importantly, its restricted access allows staff to transfer call coverage to colleagues, manage the call schedules, and use in-app calling and HIPAA-compliant secure messaging.

Currently, Holvan video library includes videos for more than 400 videos for both procedures and medications. This includes over 100 tests and procedures for Diagnostic, Interventional, and Neuro Interventional Radiology. Holvan’s other libraries cover patient safety, medications, cardiology, pain management, gastroenterology, and procedure preparation. Holvan engages patients with these high-quality educational videos that explain complex medical care in a simple, easy-to-understand format. More importantly, all the videos are constantly reviewed to ensure they meet the highest educational standards. Hospitals, physicians, and patients can access educational content via its world-class platform powered by proprietary technologies. “The videos help standardize education and prevent patients from referencing ‘Dr Google,’” adds Holliday.

With its highly interactive platform, Holvan ensures that when a patient visits a particular hospital system, no matter which hospital they visit, the patient receives the same information. The company also partners with its clients to create software solutions video content to address pain points and achieve their quality improvement goals.

Holvan is currently expanding its mobile app platform to include better serve physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies. The company will also be improving its consent platform to facilitate the signing of consent forms on tablets and other mobile devices. It is also developing more video content for cardiology, nuclear medicine, pain management, gastroenterology, and home health. With an expanded offering, Holvan is reaching out to partner with the healthcare system across the country. “Every morning, when I wake up, I know that we are doing improves peoples’ lives. No one likes being a patient. Working in healthcare is hard. We strive to make solutions to improve the lives of patients and providers across the country. I look forward to our future and continuing to grow and serve our population.” concludes Holliday

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Michael Holliday, CTO&Co-founder , Holvan

Holvan was founded with the goal of engaging patients and improving the quality of care with rich, interactive educational videos and software, created by industry experts.