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Honeywell Life Care Solutions Solutions: that Enable Healthcare to Self-care

John Bojanowski, President, Honeywell Life Care SolutionsJohn Bojanowski, President, Honeywell Life Care Solutions
Today’s healthcare industry is witnessing a surging increase in the number of advanced patient monitoring, alongside booming influence of digital technology. A recent research study indicated that the U.S. market for advanced patient monitoring systems has sprouted from $3.9 billion in 2007 to $8.9 billion in 2011 and is predicted to reach $20.9 billion by 2016. “Effective patient monitoring provides earlier intervention, with improved diagnosis, that is ardently critical for the delivery of better patient care,” delineates John Bojanowski, President, and Honeywell Life Care Solutions. Headquartered at Brookfield, WI, Honeywell Life Care provides improved quality and cost efficient digital healthcare technologies, remote patient monitoring, and telehealth services to individuals, medical centers, and home health agencies. “We transform healthcare into a complete self-care package, managing all aspects of people care that was once relied only on a healthcare provider,” confides Bojanowski.

Honeywell Life Care embarks on the ideology that patient monitoring technologies can result in a need for lesser personnel while conditioning patient health management. “Our mission at Honeywell Life Care is to accurately assess people’s health, over time, in the environments where they live, work, and play to enhance quality of life,” explains Bojanowski.

Honeywell Life Care Solutions’ in telehealth and remote patient care are earning their fortitude by reducing patient readmission rates in hospitals, as well as giving patients increased access to the healthcare services and providers throughout the care continuum. Honeywells’ Life Care Genesis Touch is a remote patient monitoring one-touch video function. The device facilitates in live conversations and can fit in patients, their family members, and care providers, all up to nearly 12 members. Genesis Touch is designed to hold video conferencing to augment patient’s education on health and medication, bring in specialists from cross-borders, home visits, or include a family member, based out of town or even update or change a care plan.

“The Genesis Touch has always featured integrated WiFi, which can be used to support the video functionality of the device,” says Bojanowski. Honeywell Life Care Solution recently launched the latest version of the Genesis Touch with added features such as reporting options for patients who want to monitor illnesses like diabetes. “The firms’ Genesis Touch v3.2 with select glucometers can now report glucose levels to health care providers,” adds Bojanowski.

Honeywell Life Care Solution also offers Honeywell Select Services for the smooth running of the process between healthcare providers and patients. Patients can buy the medical devices of their choice based on budget and infrastructure requirements through Honeywell Life Care Solutions’ Device Acquisition Service.

We transform healthcare into a complete self-care package, managing all aspects of people care that was once relied only on a healthcare provider

The firms’ Monitoring and Alert Management service care provides for an efficient staffed nurse call center that can replace telehealth services. The qualified nurses review the patients’ biometric medical data and thereby take necessary actions through personalized information.

Adding further credence to the company is the firm’s Seymour platform that helps in the unified integration of patient data stored with the healthcare providers. Through the platform the consumers can gauge information from diverse sources, such wellness devices and applications-fitness trackers and view details like blood pressure.

Forging forward, Bojanowski believes that nine out of 10 consumers utilize technology to manage their health and Honeywell Life Care will proceed in its quest to break grounds with its range of highly effective solutions. “We will continue to enable our customers to navigate their own care programs, within and outside the walls of the healthcare periphery” concludes Bojanowski.