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i2i Systems: Smarter Solutions for a Healthier Population

Janice Nicholson, Co-founder, President & CEO, i2i SystemsJanice Nicholson, Co-founder, President & CEO, i2i Systems
Moving past expensive methodologies to manage population data, healthcare organizations today are increasingly adopting data analytics transitioning toward a coordinated, integrated, and value-based care delivery ecosystem. Executing this paradigm shift in healthcare population management, i2i Systems offers a comprehensive package of software, professional services and community for population health management. Understanding the challenges faced by healthcare providers in managing large number of patient records, i2i Systems designed sophisticated yet easy to use and implement software solutions. “I have firsthand experience with the challenges of managing the flow of clinical data to support better outcomes, reduce costs, and create greater efficiencies,” Janice Nicholson, Co-founder, President and CEO of i2i Systems. Providing access to real-time information in order to make data-driven decisions that lead to healthier patients and more profitable practices, i2i Systems abides by its mission statement— “creating healthier population.”

The company’s solutions allow organizations to make best use of their data through smart technology. i2i Tracks, one of its proprietary products empowers the care teams by providing insights on data existing in disparate electronic health records (EHRs), practice management system, pharmacies, claims data and other systems. With real-time information at their finger tips, care teams get assistance in chronic disease management, greater patient compliance for wellness and preventive care and in making data-driven decisions. For instance, Primary Health Care, Inc. increased its pediatric immunization rate from 42 to 85 percent with i2iTracks search and patient recall capabilities. “With i2iTracks, we can unlock the data in our EHR, allowing us to easily generate mass patient recalls, decrease costs, and have complete confidence in the data that drives our decision making,” says Bery Engebretsen, Medical Director, Primary Healthcare, Inc. Des Moines, IA.

With i2iTracks, we can unlock the data in our EHR, allowing us to easily generate mass patient recalls, decrease costs, and have complete confidence in the data that drives our decision making

Furthermore, taking data analysis to a higher level, i2i Systems’ PopIQ—a strategic cross-population analytics platform—brings the proven capabilities of i2iTracks to larger, multi-community populations. PopIQ is a cloud-based data aggregation and analysis platform specifically designed to work with i2iTracks and produce reports across millions of patients. It enables state regulators, researchers, and policy analysts to identify low and high performing sites and execute powerful analysis to understand the impact of improving clinical measures and designing pay-for-performance programs.

i2i Tracks and PopIQ are additionally supported by i2i Links— a set of powerful data extraction and transformation tools connecting disparate systems. i2i Links help organizations overcome the challenge of accurate and supportable data integration from distinct systems and providers. However, the company’s services do not merely end at the product level, all of i2i Systems products are supported by professional implementation services to assist clients with the integration, implementation, and optimization of their solution. Led by a passionate team comprised of software, healthcare, and clinical experts, i2i Systems is marching ahead adding more products to deliver a better patient experience. The company’s latest product, Integrated Team Intelligence (iTi) is a suite of advanced data tools that will not only revolutionize the way one looks at data, but also empower them to deliver exponential services.

In its pursuit of creating healthier population, “i2i Systems is taking population health to a whole new level. We call it Population Health 2.0,” says Janice. Their team today emphasizes on innovating population management solutions that best cater to the changing needs of healthcare providers.