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Rob Rhodes, Executive Vice President, iatricSystemsRob Rhodes, Executive Vice President, iatricSystems
Founded in 1990, iatricSystems is driven by the mission of improving care delivery through technology. The company has delivered solutions to more than 1,300 healthcare organizations and has integrated more than 800 vendor solutions.

iatricSystems provides a suite of patient safety solutions, including MobiLab, Accelero Connect , and DetectRx.

“The products have a commonality: they consider the existing risks, such as manual processes that might create room for error, and then find ways to eliminate that error,” says Rob Rhodes, the EVP of iatricSystems.

Accelero Connect eliminates the staff’s need to manually program pumps or manually enter monitor data into the EHR. This way, Smart Pump EHR Integration (SPEHRI) with Accelero Connect prevents errors and adverse events caused by human error during infusion pump programming, enabling the safe delivery of IV medications. As a result, organizations can significantly reduce pump-related adverse events.

“SPEHRI captures real-time documenta tion allowing providers to access accurate and timely IV infusion data so they can assess the patient’s treatment and make appropri ate adjustments,” says Rhodes.

MobiLab, on the other hand, ensures barcode specimen collection to eliminate mislabeling errors at the bedside. It equips nursing boards with the capability completely customize the data they seek to track and monitor for infections and other patterns to mitigate Sepsis and other conditions.

MobiLab, has been able—in more than 300 hospitals—to completely eliminate the mislabeling errors caused by hand-written processes.

A mislabeling error can put a patient’s life at risk, creating a huge concern for patients and hospitals.

For example, MobiLab is being leveraged by Benefis Health System to ensure positive patient identification, positive specimen identification, and accurate specimen label printing at the bedside. The solution combines wireless mobile devices, bar code readers, and portable label printers, all integrating seamlessly with the MEDITECH 6.x LIS.

Upping its ante in the patient safety and risk management realm, iatricSystems has introduced its new product, DetectRx. De tectRx evaluates medication dispensing ac tivity and other data from multiple systems, including EMRs, Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs), and timekeeping systems. DetectRx identifies the patterns to help find, alert, and investigate drug diversion and drug compliance issues.

  • We know patient safety is at the forefront of everyone’s goal in medicine, so we work hard on solutions that put the patient first, while also working to make the lives of the doctors, nurses, and IT staff easier

Realizing that not all hospitals have the same needs, iatricSystems made DetectRx fully customizable. DetectRx looks at the ways drugs are distributed at each hospital and then works with that hospital to find the right plan for them to alert suspicious behaviors. The company’s thirty plus years of integration expertise helps to access and integrate data beyond just the drug dispensing cabinet. They can take dispensing data and integrate it with order data, pain score data, and access control systems. This gives a detailed picture of possible diversion activities.

“We know patient safety is at the forefront of everyone’s goal in medicine, so we work hard on solutions that put the patient first, while also working to make the lives of the doctors, nurses, and IT staff easier,” mentions Rhodes. “The best way to understand how to balance these goals is to listen to our customers. Their feedback is what pushes us forward to develop new solutions. It was from such conversations that DetectRx was developed.”

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Rob Rhodes, Executive Vice President, iatricSystems

iatricSystems is a healthcare technology company dedicated to helping healthcare organizations enhance the impact of improving patient safety and a better patient experience. iatricSystems’ suite of patient safety solutions, including MobiLab, Accelero Connect, and DetectRx is helping hospitals ensure the best and complete care for their patients.