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iCoreConnect: Practice Management Made Easy

Robert McDermott, President & CEO, iCoreConnectRobert McDermott, President & CEO, iCoreConnect
Robert McDermott is a serial entrepreneur and operations veteran. When he compares server-based Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) and secure Protected Health Information (PHI) systems to dinosaurs on the verge of extinction, he speaks from facts. These monolithic solutions require costly software and hardware upgrades and fail to keep pace with rapid improvements in technology.

Cloud-based solutions are the way forward. They improve provider workflow, patient experience and the practice’s bottom line. McDermott is President and CEO of iCoreConnect, a key provider of cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant email and practice management software. The company developed its cloud-based EHR and PHI email exchange after 1,000’s of conversations with stakeholders in the dental and medical industries.

iCoreConnect catalyzes the transition of healthcare organizations from server-hosted tools to cloud-based applications. “Data stored in the cloud eliminates the in-office server. It’s located and protected off site. No natural disaster, hacker or other complication can get in the way of providing the best care,” says McDermott.

iCoreConnect facilitates communication among practitioners, providers and patients in the healthcare arena with its HIPAA-compliant email solution, iCoreExchange. iCoreExchange uses 2048-bit encryption to secure user accounts and block intruders from gaining access to the email exchange. “Our encryption method surpasses many of our competitors who still rely on 256- bit encryption,” adds McDermott.

iCoreExchange HIPAA-Compliant Email:

•Allows sharing and sending any message or file regardless of size

•Shares X-rays and other PHI with ease and full HIPAA compliance

•Access to the iCoreExchange built-in referral network

•Access to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and other unsecure email accounts within the iCoreExchange interface

iCoreExchange integrates into iCoreConnect’s dental practice management solution, iCoreDental, for streamlined workflows. The software saves healthcare practitioners from deploying multiple solutions for a variety of practice needs. iCoreDental allows dentists to easily track patient check-in, appointment scheduling, prescriptions and email (HIPAA-compliant and unsecure) with a single sign-on from any location. iCoreDental is also well suited to operate across multiple facilities simultaneously.

iCoreDental Cloud-Based Practice Management Software:

•Eliminates the probability of unauthorized data access through well-defined permissions for admins and other stakeholders

•Makes financial and insurance data easily accessible, allowing users to manage insurance claims and check them before submission

•Transfers data automatically from the users’ existing systems to cloud storage

•Generates customized reports using available data, as well as analyzes financial performance and demographics

iCoreDental improves patient engagement. McDermott highlights that patients have access to dedicated portals where they can fill out their health information and other details with absolute security. Even more, iCoreDental facilitates mobile dentistry, where providers can go to the patients in greatest need, like remote locations or at mobile facilities, and still experience full iCoreDental functionality.

Every aspect of what iCoreConnect focuses on through its products involves a highly-responsive conversation with its customers. The company frequently implements customer suggestions into new features and upgrades. For example, a new version of iCoreDental is released roughly every month. All users are automatically upgraded upon their login. No installations or hardware upgrades are required. iCoreConnect is so emphatic about user input that McDermott spoke with more than1,000 dental professionals prior to creating the initial version of any of its products.

iCoreConnect expects to debut on the stock market soon and plans to keep aggressively improving its software.