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Identillect Technologies: Mastering the Art of Securing PHI

Todd Sexton, Founder and CEO, Identillect TechnologiesTodd Sexton, Founder and CEO, Identillect Technologies
In the healthcare domain, the biggest challenge that healthcare professionals have to contend with is to ensure the security of PHI (protected health information). While e-mail has transformed into one of the most trusted modes of electronic communication, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has laid down numerous compliance mandates to protect client sensitive data transmitted through e-mail transactions. These compliance regulations are constantly updated in order to thwart evolving cyber threats and healthcare organizations often find it difficult to comprehend the specifics of PHI protection. With a vision to solve this complex puzzle, Todd Sexton laid the cornerstone of Identillect Technologies, a company which safeguards e-mail communication through its HIPAA compliant, simple to use, flexible, and intuitive solutions portfolio.

Identillect’s e-mail security solutions seamlessly integrate with the existing email platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail among others. In a broader sense, the solution ingrains itself within the platform as a panel and allows users to create controls such as authentication traces, email forwarding restrictions, audit trails, et al. “Our main goal is to preserve an organization’s original workflow,” states Sexton, founder and CEO of Identillect Technologies. Furthermore, by using Identillect’s web portal, a user can check history and audit trail of every received or sent email, assign preferences, and retract emails sent to the wrong recipient, regardless of whether they have already been viewed.

According to Sexton, most healthcare compliance solutions impede the free flow of information exchange between healthcare organizations and their clients. Identillect takes care of such predicaments by eliminating the complexities inherent in most communication systems which are often the root cause of such issues.

“Our system doesn’t require recipients to download a software, register, or become a member to read or respond securely,” says Sexton. Identillect imparts full control to its clients through an interface which ingrains 256 bit AES encryption. The firm ensures all its solutions strictly follow the HIPAA regulations requiring email data to be encrypted both in-transit and at rest.

As the nuances of cyber-criminals become more sophisticated, HIPAA stipulates more stringent security protocols to counter threats of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and identity thefts among others. Owing to this, the veneer of confusion always clouds the understanding of compliance obligations and healthcare organizations are often at crossroads failing to contemplate the compliance requirements. Identillect comes to the rescue with its in-house compliance team which closely monitors HIPAA regulations, the changes and nuances and assists healthcare providers to stay abreast of HIPAA regulations.

Our system doesn’t require recipients to download a software, register, or become a member to read or respond securely

To further spread the cognizance of compliance mandates and HIPAA regulations, Identillect partners with, an organization involved in educating healthcare entities about the complexities of HIPAA compliance. The strategic partnership and the organization of seminars dispel the inherent misunderstandings of compliance requirements and help clients to be abreast of the IT security aspects of HIPAA. Providing thorough education and the appropriate system implementation to maximize HIPAA compliance and combat cyber security threats.

Identillect strengthens their arsenal with secure e-signature solutions to expedite patient care and guarantee the safety of PHI. The firm enroute to establishing its footprint in the European market assisting healthcare organization to successfully comply with the soon-to-be-released GDPR regulation. Additionally, Identillect believes growth will continue in mobile device secure technology. They continue to progress and develop innovative mobile e-mail security solutions which ingrain the same security measures as the existing solutions and centered on the core theme of guaranteeing usability.