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Tracy Mills, CEO & President, IDSolutionsTracy Mills, CEO & President, IDSolutions
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, several medical facilities and long-term healthcare institutions have witnessed the detrimental and compounding impact of social isolation on the patient population. Not only does this condition affect their physical health, but prolonged isolation can also lead to severe conditions of mental trauma, depression, and anxiety, while significantly increasing the risk for premature mortality. At this point, local government authorities are placed to liaise with primary healthcare, mental health care, and eventually secondary health care to tackle this underlying issue by improving social cohesion in a way that can still ensure the containment of the virus. As such, there is a growing need for a solution that allows patients to interact with their physicians virtually while enabling communication with their loved ones, without putting their lives at stake.

One organization that offers the much-needed means of virtual socialization and communication is Interactive Digital Solutions, Inc. (IDSolutions). Taking its roots from video conferencing, the global video integration firm has established itself as one of the leading experts in telehealth enablement, integration, and support with capabilities to enhance communication and connectivity among patients and healthcare providers. “We offer an end-to-end solution powered by a comprehensive understanding of the nature of how people care and how they interact with technology to improve the care,” states Nicholas Luthy, the Vice President of Product and Marketing at IDSolutions.

As a valued reseller and integrator of video conferencing solutions, IDSolutions seamlessly integrates its offerings with several telehealth platforms and technologies to improve patient engagement and communication. The company supports its clients’ telehealth programs through a patient observation product called MedSitter Web Edition. MedSitter is delivered through a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) approach that successfully replaces the traditional patient sitting model with a virtual observation solution. This offering is backed by a standardized video technology to allow real-time interactive patient observation from a central location with the help of multiple monitoring stations. It further enables hospital sitters to have direct point-to-point communication via its two-way audio and video capabilities, real-time motion detection, and farend camera control for identifying any movement or distress and take immediate action.

Nicholas Luthy, Vice President of Product & Marketing , IDSolutions

MedSitter also comes with visual incident logging, patient privacy mode, STATalarms, and new in 2020 amid COVID-19 response, virtual consultations and visitations. These virtual interactions allow caregivers to offer contactless consultation to patients who are suffering from the corona virus or any other infectious diseases, while reducing the overall risk for the physicians and medical staff. Their dual-purpose telehealth cart also helps clients set up queuing and skill-based routing of the video so that physicians can schedule appointments and automatically manage the status and assignment of calls. Reporting and billing are also a part of their combined solution capabilities to help clients implement telehealth programs with greater ease.

We offer an end-to-end solution powered by a comprehensive understanding of the nature of how people care and how they interact with technology to improve the care

Apart from ensuring the well-being of patients admitted in hospitals, IDSolutions enables homebound patients to log in to their EMR portal and schedule appointments, have a consultation, and access all the information regarding payment, billing, and prescriptions via a central telehealth platform. Not only does this help patients save both time and effort required to visit a doctor at a hospital, but keeps them safe from the ever-growing risk of contracting any infectious diseases. IDSolutions also offers a connectivity and remote interpretation platform via video conferencing that integrates easily with the client’s existing systems, while ensuring that their telehealth programs are PHI/HIPAA compliant, affordable, and flexible.

2020 celebrates 20 years of video communicationexpertise, in which IDSolutions offers complete telehealth and telemedicine solutions for leveraging virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, and observation technologies over IP products. The company has collaborated with hundreds of healthcare organizations in the U.S., facilitating numerous implementations of telehealth programs. “Our goal will always be to ensure that our solutions are adding value, efficiency, and improving the ability to care. We look to strike a balance between offering functionality for both patient observation and connecting people with those they need most, whether it be a medical professional or a loved one. It’s the purpose of caring,” concludes Tracy Mills, CEO of IDSolutions.

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Tracy Mills, CEO & President and Nicholas Luthy, Vice President of Product & Marketing , IDSolutions

Interactive Digital Solutions (IDSolutions) has been engineering and innovating multimedia communication solutions out of AV technology for 20 years. Over the years, IDSolutions has adapted and grown a team who are passionate about maximizing the audiovisual communication experiences across the healthcare, enterprise, education, and government industries. IDSolutions is committed to using the best of the entire AV catalog to help businesses and organizations connect, communicate, and achieve their own unique brand of greatness. But innovation makes the difference at IDSolutions, especially with their telehealth offerings. MedSitter Web Edition, a state-of-the art patient observation program, is a prime example of what's possible, and it's just the beginning.