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ImageMoverMD: Sophisticated Medical Imaging Simplified

Darcey Nett, CEO, ImageMoverMDDarcey Nett, CEO, ImageMoverMD
ImageMoverMD is a medical imaging software company that integrates with the electronic health record (EHR) and existing archive systems to connect enterprise imaging across an organization. Since inception, the company had maintained a laser focus on simplifying and transforming the way organization leverage their existing investments to optimize existing workflows and improve the cost and quality of care. The status quo for many healthcare organizations involves costly, labor-intensive workflows that often result in unnecessary duplication of imaging studies, documentation error, and forfeiture of unrealized billings. Additionally, interoperability challenges with disparate imaging workflows prevent image sharing, which in turn, prevent the meaningful collaboration necessary for clinicians to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.

The ImageMoverMD platform helps organizations overcome these clinical and financial challenges with a patient-centric approach to enterprise imaging. The solution provides end-to-end imaging optimization by leveraging an organization’s existing systems investments to transfer medical images (DICOM and non-DICOM) into the EHR and the PACS/Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

“Our web-native platform measurably improves efficiency, increases revenue capture, and drives HIPAA compliance across virtually every care setting,” says Darcey Nett, the CEO of ImageMoverMD.

The platform enables one-click, secure mobile image sharing from any device into the archive system and the patient’s EHR record with virtually zero manual data entry. It captures unscheduled images into the EHR and PACS/VNA and automatically generates orders for the studies to drive revenue capture. It also allows instant import of a patient’s outside films into the archive systems with EHR record-matching from any workstation.

ImageMoverMD utilizes deep EHR integration to provide a streamlined user experience without any disruptions to existing workflows. ImageMoverMD enables top-of-license work for care team members to drive efficiency and improve the cost and experience of care.

Our platform is truly an enterprise-wide imaging game changer. The solution spans the entire imaging spectrum to solve real business problems

Unlike traditional, user-unfriendly radiology workflows, ImageMoverMD offers health systems an innovative alternative with simple, elegant workflows to help solve business their problems including: (1) improving patient outcomes (2) driving interoperability, and (3) improving their bottom line.

“The platform’s superior user experience combined with the automation of tedious, repeatable tasks drives high adoption by our end-users, which in turn delivers a solid return on investment for health systems,” asserts Nett.

Nett sites one example where ImageMoverMD demonstrated tremendous value: A patient with a history of revascularization of the right leg at another institution presented to the Emergency Department(ED) with fever and an infected foot ulcer–with no palpable pulse in the right foot. The ED provider used ImageMoverMD’s HIPAA-compliant mobile app to take photo of the foot ulcer on her smartphone. ImageMoverMD instantly imported the image into the patients’ record, so that the consulting wound care specialist could view the photo remotely while collaborating with the ED provider. Leveraging ImageMoverMD’s uploader application, the providers were also able to view the patient’s outside CT-angiogram while formulating their plan. This significantly reduced time to intervention–which entailed an emergency ultrasound at the bedside. Again, the ImageMoverMD platform optimized this portion of the patient encounter with automated import of the ultrasound into the archive system and order generation to ensure downstream billing capture. The ultrasound showed adequate blood flow through the leg, which allowed the ED to discharge the patient with confidence to receive follow-up care in the appropriate post-acute setting.

Continuing their good work, ImageMoverMD plans to expand their footprint and make image sharing and access increasing seamless and efficient across all provider communities. “Our platform is truly an enterprise-wide imaging strategy changer. By aggregating disconnected workflows into one, cohesive solution, our platform spans the entire imaging spectrum to improve patient and provider experience while solving real business problems,” concludes Nett.