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InDxLogic: Interoperability Fueled by Automation

Michael Ebaugh, MD, PhD, CEO, InDxLogicMichael Ebaugh, MD, PhD, CEO, InDxLogic
The healthcare information technology has undergone sea change over the years and what’s even fortifying is that the metamorphic expansion is only accelerating with time. The shift to electronic medical records has digitized health data; however, there is one aspect that still needs to be achieved: interoperability. Despite the overwhelming assistance for enabling the free flow of patient data between caregivers, healthcare interoperability is far from turning into a reality. The key underpinning needed for interoperability is constrained within the ambit of specific locations (hospital, or a limited region) as the systems used by health providers are not truly connected. Founded along the lines of “creating connections” in medical practices, InDxLogic is a complementary solution to the electronic medical record (EMR) that brings to bear unique health information management (HIM) software and services to enable interoperability among patients and healthcare practices, in the real sense of the word.

“The interoperability we aim to provide is similar to the operation of credit cards,” says Michael Ebaugh, MD & CEO, InDxLogic. Just as a credit card can be utilized in any part of the world to make a transaction, with the complex international currency exchange following in the background to make the transaction successful, InDxLogic intends to offer similar benefits to healthcare domain by providing a HIM platform that facilitates information exchange with any system across the world.

InDxLogic’s advantage in interoperability lies in providing a HIM platform that is agnostic to any EMR system. By designing an automated healthcare document indexing solution, InDxLogic can easily integrate with any EMR system in the world to share the health information efficiently. The HIM platform is driven by their patented technologies: phrase mapping algorithm and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). These technologies allow seamless aggregation of intricate patient information from the records that was not possible to gain previously.

InDxLogic’s advantage in interoperability lies in providing a HIM platform that is agnostic to any EMR system

InDxLogic turns static healthcare documents into actionable healthcare informatics. The HIM platform automatically indexes documents to the patient’s medical record, capture critical patient data elements for clinical decision making, and closes referral and diagnostic test orders. “Our core competencies, therefore, lie in faster turnaround time, improved clinical information availability, documentation quality and standardization, better efficiency and reduced overall cost,” mentions Ebaugh.

In an attempt to find a fitting way to index the enormous amount of health data that is transmitted using Fax, the company has designed eFax Splitter. Often a single fax contains documents for multiple patients, making it difficult to index. eFax Splitter sorts the documents electronically, thus eliminating the need to print the individual faxes to separate the information patient-wise, thus saving ample time. Additionally, to deliver medical records, also known as release of information, through digital formats, InDxLogic provides an export tool, which enables a healthcare practice to collate a document into a secure bookmarked PDF quickly.

While not just solving the healthcare indexing issue, InDxLogic takes a step ahead and provides indexing solution to the financial groups and billing departments of the clinical enterprises. The departments typically contain stacks of crucial EOBs (Explanation of Benefits), and there is no precise HIPAA-certified management mechanism for that information. InDxLogic’s management tool allows the financial team of the health enterprises to manage EOB reconciliation securely.

As a physician himself, Ebaugh is well aware of the current workflow challenges in the medical industry and the need for intelligible ways to manage and exchange health content. Discussing the year ahead for InDxLogic, he says, “We have some exciting projects and partnerships lined up to solve the efficacies of the industry.” InDxLogic foresees an expanding market with more users of newly integrated electronic medical record software companies and expansion into international markets like U.K. and Singapore and is focused on leveraging the opportunity. Simultaneously, InDxLogic also plans on intensifying their solutions for the financial departments, to offer a complete loop of benefit for healthcare enterprises.