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Innovative Technology Solutions: Enabling Value-Driven Support Services

David Corey, VP of Operations, Innovative Technology SolutionsDavid Corey, VP of Operations, Innovative Technology Solutions
Over the years, healthcare technology has seen exponential growth and transformation from the bottom up. While groundbreaking systems have dramatically boosted revenues and reputations, they have also upended customer expectations and optimized operations to unprecedented degrees. Biomedical devices, sensors, and the like are changing by the year, making IT support absolutely crucial to the industry. As the increasing need for home and remote care for patients becomes prevalent, the complex data generated frequently has to travel through potentially non-secure locations. Healthcare providers require assistance in handling biomedical devices, ensuring the security of personal data, as well as improving the experience of doctors, nurses, and other on premise staff or remote caregivers in managing the information. Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) entered the healthcare industry as a trusted partner with a singular aim to handle the changing technology requirements, as well as support and protect medical devices and sensitive data.

With over two decades of experience in the hospital healthcare provider industry, ITS functions as a division of Advanced Technology Services (ATS), following its acquisition in 2017. Leveraging ATS’ corporate infrastructure, supply chain vendors, and partner networks, ITS provides expanded support to meet the demanding digital needs of mid-to-large enterprises for managed IT and technology consulting services. These value-driven support services include IT consulting, service desk management, client computing management, and system performance management. Backed by a combined workforce of approximately 600 highly-proficient IT employees and contractors, ITS specializes in managed onsite and remote services, and advice on technology, cloud, and executive solutions. “The new technological advances are converging with traditional IT support.

Our ability to physically repair biomedical devices as well as offer technical support for the same is unique in the industry, and it enables us to provide greater value to our customers,” explains David Corey, VP of Operations of ITS. The company offers value, a trusted partnership, and insights into underlying causes for issues in the IT environment and understands the specific needs of the healthcare providers and their systems and processes before integrating them into a custom solution.

System performance management, the network operation center of ITS, is another important aspect of the services offered by the company. ITS uses preparatory software to monitor network-connected devices efficiently. On-site technicians receive immediate alerts to assist server networking, technology deployments or other IT requirements. Lastly, the company provides around-the-clock service desk for global support. “We have specially trained agents with a detailed understanding of customer environments so that they can guide the client through emergencies,” informs Corey. The company has eight integrated Service Desks, across both domestic and overseas locations, which use multiple languages to assist clients.

The efficient service desk offered by ITS has proven highly beneficial to a long-term acute care provider located in the Midwest. The company had customized software and applications for patient care, but the internal support team was unable to cope with their needs. ITS initially began collaborating with the client during non-prime hours. As the company’s skilled agents handled technical requirements, the client was able to improve their patient service. This satisfaction skyrocketed as ITS started supporting the client through the peak hours.

The step-by-step approach to consolidating the existing managed IT services with the ITS has benefitted over a hundred hospitals and healthcare provider locations. ITS’ awareness of the critical nature of medical data enables it to offer compliance with FDA, HIPAA, and TJC’s regulations. The company analyses the network of healthcare providers and estimates risk profiles and exposures to ensure data security and prevent data breaches.

“The technological advances in IoT and connected devices show a beacon of light for further improvements in medical devices,” says Corey. ITS aims to utilize artificial intelligence and natural language processing to refine the quality of support provided to its customers.