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Integrity Digital Solutions: Delivering Cloud-based EMR for Eye Care

 Dr. Kyle Smith, Founder, Integrity Digital Solutions
Since the implementation of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) in 2009, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) have become indispensable for healthcare organizations. Hospitals and individual physicians are increasingly adopting on-cloud or web-based EHR and EMR solutions to equip themselves for taking better care of patients and effectively store patient related data. However, specialists have complained about the design of EHRs, which do not address the unique workflow and ancillary device requirements of their specialties. For instance, generic EHRs are not developed to record vital signs that eye specialists have to store, such as visual acuity and intraocular pressure. Well positioned to assist ophthalmologists and optometrists, Integrity Digital Solutions provides Integrity EMR for Eyes—cloud and SaaS-based solution—that integrates with the user’s practice methodologies and allows them to work more efficiently. The solution enables users to organize their ophthalmic workflow, including diagnostic testing, coding, and surgical procedures.

Dr. Kyle Smith, Founder of Integrity believes that no two practices are same and have different expectations from their EMR solutions. "The company has developed Integrity EMR for Eyes to 'think the way eye doctors think'," says Dr. Kyle Smith, Founder of Integrity EMR for Eyes. The company is created specifically for ophthalmic workflow, including the terminology, diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, and coding. The cloud-based platform allows customers to rely on the powerful data encryption and cloud storage while maintaining security of database from losses caused by catastrophic events or theft along with reducing redundancy. The platform offers individual dashboard for every employee in the office to access information related to patient’s daily activities. The Integrity EMR system can also be customized according to the practice of eye doctors enabling them to plan functionality for adapting to the types of diagnosis and treatment mostly encountered.

The company has developed Integrity EMR for Eyes to 'think the way eye doctors think'

Additionally, Integrity EMR for eyes entails various modules that enhance its operating effectiveness. IntegriVIEW module of Integrity EMR for eyes allows the users to view, manage, and interpret images while the IntegriDRAW application enables them to seamlessly record and interact with patient records for detailed analysis and reporting. Integrity’s solution is further equipped with messaging and tasks modules to assist teammates in sending and receiving confidential information within the application. Furthermore, the coding module of Integrity EMR for eyes augments reimbursements by automatically producing coding suggestions on the basis of customer’s documentation.

The company concentrates its activities on customer satisfaction and ensures that clients are achieving value for their investment in Integrity. In one such instance, one of the company’s clients—Vold Vision—approached Integrity for a holistic solution where they do not have to deal with hardware and IT issues. Integrity answered to Vold Vision’s requirement by providing them cloud-based Integrity EMR for eyes. Integrity’s customer was then able to easily manage its practices and workflow while giving focusing more on patient care rather than handling IT needs.

Integrity continues to enhance their existing development processes for mobility while maintaining focus on security and manageability. The company aims at continuously upgrading its cloud-based Integrity EMR for eyes solution enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction. The company has recently launched Veracity surgical management system to help ophthalmologists optimally plan for surgery. “Veracity is a stand-alone surgical planning system that connects relevant data from the Integrity EMR for Eyes, along with biometric data from diagnostic testing equipment,” says Smith. “It provides the highest level of surgeon confidence and the best possible outcome for patients.”