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Intelerad Medical Systems, Inc.: Seamlessly Bridging the Imaging Ecosystem

Randall I. Oka, President & CEO, intelerad medical systems incRandall I. Oka, President & CEO, intelerad medical systems inc
The healthcare sector has always been subject to changes due to the influx of new technology, regulatory shifts, and market trends. Ongoing technological transformations have bought challenges in the storage and presentation of medical images, as they need to be stored for at least seven years as a result of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. This highlights the need for imaging informatics platforms that provide a simplified, yet robust approach to make images accessible to electronic record systems. Negating these problems with image informatics solutions is Canada based Intelerad Medical Systems. The company innovates and provides solutions for today’s challenges in medical imaging informatics. “Our expertise lies in how the information contained within medical images is retrieved, analyzed, enhanced, and exchanged across and beyond the healthcare enterprise,” states Randall l. Oka, President and CEO, Intelerad.

Intelerad has been providing comprehensive imaging informatics solutions to hospitals, physicians, and patients for over 15 years. The company provides interactive connectivity services that streamline clinical, financial and administrative communication between patients, providers, payers, pharmacies and financial institutions. The company’s products InteleConnect, IntelePACS, and InteleONE XE rely on a scalable and fault tolerant architecture. InteleConnect is a browser based referring portal for communicating results and building customer loyalty. It provides referring physicians with easy access to patient images at any time from any location. Taking this seamless integration forward is InteleONE XE, a cross-enterprise workflow solution that bridges the gap between disparate systems by providing clinicians consolidated access to medical images and reports stored in different systems. It interlinks clinicians to the various archives found within the imaging system, enabling them to improve collaboration and provide higher quality care in less time.Another customizable and integrated solution that streamlines workflows and drives productivity is IntelePACS,

a distributed radiology solution that provides hospitals and imaging centers with a robust platform for storing retrieving and routing medical images.It ensures image and data integrity by providing images—from any location, for any case, at any time—with secure communication and compression technology. IntelePACS is renowned for its high levels of interoperability and seamless integration with third party solutions.

Our expertise lies in how the information contained within medical images is retrieved, analyzed, enhanced, and exchanged across and beyond the healthcare enterprise

On one occasion, Georgian Radiology Consultants (GRC) group was in search of a vendor capable of administering a solution that would digitize their entire imaging operations and provide Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) imaging modalities. Intelerad assisted GRC by providing IntelePACS, an integral digital radiology system, which helped GRC move from manual to digital overnight— with zero hiccups. The solution facilitated seamless and secure electronic sharing of images, reports, and integrated work-list that made navigating quick and easy—reducing report turnaround times.

Intelerad proactively monitors the systems it deploys, to meet client’s expectations. With offices across the U.S., Oceania, and UK, the company intends to leverage its technical and professional services for the benefit of the entire healthcare ecosystem. In the days to come, the company is eyeing acquisitions and continuously improving its medical imaging solutions to develop lasting relationships with large multi-site healthcare systems. “At Intelerad, we will continue to grow along with our clients as we operate with our own set of values, practices, and philosophies—all of which reflect on how we care for our customers, their organizations, and the patients they tend to every day,” concludes Oka.