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InteliChart: Simplifies Connectivity between Hospitals and Patients

Gary Hamilton, Founder & President, InteliChartGary Hamilton, Founder & President, InteliChart
Although nearly all the hospitals in the U.S. have the basic infrastructure to support Health Information Exchange (HIE), the ONC Data Brief study reveals that more than half experience “technical barriers” to find, send and receive data with other healthcare organizations and hospitals. Fifty-eight percent of hospitals reported that HIE had not been achieved because an exchange partner’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) lacked the capability to receive electronic data. In 2006, Gary Hamilton, while working on numerous healthcare projects recognized the requirement for a vendor neutral Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE, Patient Portal, PHR) platform that would leverage a cloud-based/SOA architecture. This quest gradually laid the foundation of what is today known as InteliChart. Paying heed to this need, the Charlotte, NC based firm develops an effective and reliable method for exchanging data across the continuum of care. InteliChart focuses on patient engagement and the Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) to ease the current and future initiatives to deliver quality based healthcare.

InteliChart’s HIE solutions provides a runway for future initiatives, including medical homes, bundled payments, population health management and innovative accountable care solutions. This offers the significant capability by enabling physicians to share Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) with their patients and with other healthcare entities. The firm’s HIE platform, a standardized patient-centric registry is composed of individual healthcare settings enabling the users to view the relevant data from any point at any time. This single platform enables hospitals to easily give the discharge instructions and diagnostic test results to ambulatory healthcare providers efficaciously. The robust platform provides organizations with a full 360-degree view of patients’ data, and also facilitates the patients to view all of their complete clinical data through one patient portal. This single data registry containing all the relevant collective data on their patients is further standardized and exchanged between any provider’s EHR, eliminating the duplicate entries.

Our technology brings the convenience of a single portal solution to engage patients in their healthcare received in both acute and ambulatory settings

InteliChart Patient Portal, from InteliChart promotes patient engagement and enhances the patient experience—streamlining communication between practices and patients. It allows patients to submit their appointment requests at anytime online. The portal can also be configured to direct the appointment requests to individuals or groups for follow-up sessions. This powerful feature reduces the time of the staffs and automatically updates practice management schedule as the appointments come in, without any staff interventions. With this portal, caregivers can send and save electronic copies of these critical reports directly to their patients, and to organizations involved in quality-reporting initiatives.

“Our technology brings the convenience of a single portal solution to engage patients in their healthcare received in both acute and ambulatory settings, providing the infrastructure for physician practices, hospitals, and healthcare systems to share data across a single platform,” says Hamilton.

InteliChart also provides physicians, patients, and nurses with a ‘shared patient-centric record’, following patients through their total continuum of care, and also sets patient reminders and alert systems to certify complete and coordinated handoffs between healthcare providers. Once the patients’ record is completely implemented, physicians and hospitals can have a glance and exchange those records securely at both regional and state-wide levels. The robust HIE platform helps individual practitioners, community-wide healthcare organizations, and numerous hospitals with their reporting obligations.

Furthermore, the firm aims to vanguard the pace of technological transformation in Healthcare sector through their innovative solutions. By building long-lasting relationships with clients and customizing the solutions according to their needs, InteliChart has reinforced its place as a key organization having an instrumental role in the future.