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Intellivisit: Powering Exceptional Health Care Encounters

Jeff Miller, CEO, IntellivisitJeff Miller, CEO, Intellivisit
Telemedicine is an important sector in the new era of healthcare. The expense of traditional doctor visits and advances in technology are just a couple of the reasons behind its continuing growth. However, a slew of first-generation solutions that use symptom search, video, or voice communication have failed to impress.

“These solutions only virtualized undesirable experiences,” says Jeff Miller, CEO of Intellivisit, a telemedicine company that is offering a fundamentally different product.

Intellivisit is a downloadable app powered by artificial intelligence. Patients input a few of their symptoms; from there, the AI takes over and asks a number of questions to narrow down what they might be experiencing. The information is then relayed to a local practitioner who can offer a diagnosis, referral, or possibly a prescription. If the AI detects an emergency, the patient is encouraged to call 911 and/or a local physician is notified immediately.

“The medical knowledge base is changing rapidly. AI is becoming a more accepted part of this and we are certainly fitting into that trend,” states Miller. Intellivisit is also different from other first-generation products in that it requires no appointment or virtual interaction with a doctor or nurse. “Because we’re not video based, patients don’t have to find a quiet place to share their symptoms or line up at the same moment in time with a doctor. They don’t have to synchronize their calendar with the healthcare provider,” delineates Miller. “That means they can really do a visit when they are ready, in between meetings, at a grocery store, or waiting for their flight.”

Intellivisit boasts that a visit is finished in under eight minutes, saving time for both patient and provider.

We’re giving people back their most precious and limited resource: time

“When you have an eight-minute encounter that might have been a two-hour trip to the doctor, we’re giving people back their most precious and limited resource: time.”

Miller says Intellivisit has the potential to save money not just for patients, but for employers, hospitals, and healthcare systems alike. “Health systems need capital efficient ways to expand access and secure new revenue streams. Our solution isn’t just shifting care around but rather it’s maximizing the value of the clinical enterprise through new efficiencies and business models. On the flip side, employers are trying to control their own costs. They’re moving to alternatives like work site clinics. We add a layer that’s virtual–they don’t even need to go down to the clinic. Employees love it,” he states.

Intellivisit is in the midst of a pilot program with Memorial Health System in Springfield, Illinois, and in discussions with commercial brokers to package the application to others; they are also working with Riverside Corporate Wellness, a worksite company, to bring the app to more employers. So far, all implementations have shown positive results. “There was even one case where we diagnosed someone having a stroke and the emergency process kicked in, the patient went to the emergency room and was treated appropriately and at the right time,” Miller recalls. “Both the patient and provider said the instant access to Intellivisit helped prevent a very serious situation.”

Currently, Intellivisit is only for the treatment of minor illnesses, but Miller envisions it will expand to much broader services that include medication refills, mental health care, chronic care, and pediatrics.

“We believe Intellivisit is the right product at the right time. It doesn’t just shift care to a virtual setting but really reimagines the experience to enhance patient/provider relationships intelligently and deliver measurable access cost and quality improvements,” affirms Miller.