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Prince Nnah, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, IntelyCarePrince Nnah, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, IntelyCare
The emergence of patient-driven payment model, as opposed to the traditional fee-for-service revenue model, is driving a dramatic transformation in the long-term healthcare space. With healthcare providers now getting paid based on patient outcomes, long-term care facilities are seeking ways to benefit from the adaptation to the consumer-driven care ecosystem.

Long term care providers want to make sure that they are getting the right reimbursements while providing patients with a higher level of care, which can be guaranteed only in the presence of Adequate & Qualified staff. But with the general shortage of skilled staff coupled with high staff turnover, facilities need a more efficient staffing model that improves care, reduces costs, and increases workforce engagement. As not many workforce management solutions are exclusive to the long-term care space, they are facing a challenge in hiring qualified and trained healthcare personnel to provide optimum care.

Addressing these challenges is Massachusetts-based IntelyCare, equipped with the best intelligent workforce management solution built for long term healthcare facilities. “IntelyCare understands the needs of healthcare facilities at a hyper-local level to improve care by automatically optimizing and augmenting staff,” says Prince Nnah, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of IntelyCare.

As a technology-based staffing company, IntelyCare’s on-demand platform helps facilities tackle staffing challenges, thereby improving patient outcomes alongside a considerable reduction in turnover and cost savings. “IntelyCare’s technology-driven processes help can improve staffing levels and result in better care, which in turn bolsters a facility’s rating,” says Nnah.

IntelyCare understands the needs of healthcare facilities and nursing professionals at a hyper-local level to improve care by automatically optimizing and augmenting staff

IntelyCare’s staffing platform provides transparency to facilities, offers data-driven insights into how well the nurses are performing while also helping consolidate costs and manage the staffing support. One of the remarkable features is the ease with which a scheduler or facility can request nursing staff on the extremely simple dashboard. It has an Uber-like feature where a facility can look at a nurse’s credentials, such as training license, or phone number and other qualifications, to ascertain if the nurse is qualified and suitable to serve at the facility. The dashboard also has a calendar view of nurses who have been to the facility or are scheduled to visit. The IntelyCare platform employs geofencing to show who has checked in and when, confirms whether nurses are going to show up for their shift, and validates the hours worked by nurses. Among a plethora of other features, the reporting dashboard customizes and tailors any kind of report according to a facility’s needs.

With robust customer service, IntelyCare ensures the best outcomes for its customers. This is exemplified in an instance where a Pennsylvania-based customer that came onboard almost a year and a half ago received their five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). IntelyCare, being true partners with the customer, provided staffing and customized the dashboard for them. IntelyCare’s excellent staffing platform and assistance not only enhanced the care provided by the facility but also resulted in the client improving the CMS rating of their facility over the past years.

In the future, IntelyCare plans to extend its geographical footprint by moving out to the West and the Northeast. The company’s short-term goals include boosting the engagement of the workforce, providing long term facilities with the necessary tools, and helping them manage their team’s credentials. Nnah explains, “Recruitment & Engagement is crucial in the workforce because with ‘better workforce comes reduced turnover’. We partner with long term care facilities, and lay the groundwork for them to be successful.”

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Prince Nnah, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, IntelyCare

IntelyCare is the intelligent workforce management solution for post-acute healthcare facilities. IntelyCare provides an intelligent workforce management solution that helps improve care in post-acute healthcare facilities by addressing staffing challenges. Our unparalleled matching technology understands the needs of healthcare facilities and nursing professionals at a hyper-local level to improve care by automatically optimizing and augmenting staff. We give nurses and CNAs the freedom and flexibility to pick up shifts right from our mobile app