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iPatientCare: Experts in Ambulatory EHR

Udayan Mandavia, President & CEO, iPatientCare, IncUdayan Mandavia, President & CEO, iPatientCare, Inc
Today’s Ambulatory EHR market space is often plagued with the lack of interoperability standards that can improve the quality of healthcare. Though traditional EHR systems go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider’s office, a cloud-based EHR that can streamline patient charting, e-prescribing, scheduling, and other tasks is the need of the hour. Revolutionizing this arena is iPatientCare, which provides cloud-based unified product suite that includes Health Information Exchange (HIE), Electronic Health/ Medical Record, integrated Practice Management/Billing System and mobile point-of-care solutions for ambulatory and acute/sub-acute market segments.

“We work hard to achieve technological advancement for medical informatics that helps medical systems work better,” says Udayan Mandavia, CEO, iPatientCare. The NJ based firm’s innovative healthcare solutions such as mHealth, cloud-based ambulatory EHR, integrated practice management and Value-Added Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCM) help providers enhance their end-to-end activities and revenue cycle.

Additionally, the Ambulatory EHR, a simple and intuitive web-based electronic medical records software makes physician’s life easy, so that healthcare providers can devote more time to their patients. The user-centric design and high performance architecture of Ambulatory EHR allows healthcare staff to work efficiently and at the same time store patient records securely in a HIPAA compliant storage.

We work hard to achieve technological advancement for medical informatics that helps medical systems work better

Complementing this, iPatientCare’s EHR is one of the first EHRs to comply with the requirements including ICD-10 or Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS).

Furthermore, the Ambulatory EHR is capable of molding itself through customizable software to suit healthcare provider’s needs. Healthcare providers can customize everything—restructuring the visit notes, organizing the tabs in the patient’s chart, templates, workflow and the dashboards.

In an instance, Rahmin Rabenou, a chief medical resident at NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC) approached iPatientCare to address their requirement of an EHR solution that would improve documentation, increase work efficiency and flexibility. The iPatientCare EHR provided them with decision support at the point of care, allowing Rabenou and his staff to get more done in less time while offering increased convenience for their patients.

iPatientCare’s mission towards applying market trends and technologies into its products and solutions is complementing its support towards patient-centric information architecture for a streamlined, collaborative workflow. With the focus on providing solution, instead of selling the product, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, along with the continuous improvement of people, assets, products and implementation processes.