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IRMC Group: A Comprehensive Risk Mitigation Partner for the Healthcare Industry

Mick Skott, Partner, Managing Director & Senior Consultant, IRMC GroupMick Skott, Partner, Managing Director & Senior Consultant, IRMC Group
Healthcareis one of themost regulated industriesin the United States, makinghealthcarecompliance a crucial and growing field for compliance professionals. Healthcare compliance professionalsare needed to help clinical facilities and organizations address the ever-growing government regulations that set the requirements and standards from billing, coding, drug administration to information sharing and data protection. These regulations ensure quality patient care, prevent fraud, protect healthcare staff and improve the efficiency and accuracy of patient information.Among many rules and regulations, one of the most critical compliance requirements for a healthcare organization is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). HIPAA is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge.

IRMC Group bridgesthe gap in the ever-complex regulatory environment for the healthcare clients that it serves with professional services specializing in HIPAA compliance, IT Risk Management, Operational Compliance, Security, Project Management,and Internal Audit. What makes IRMC Group unique from the other consulting firms providing similar services is their deep specialization in the healthcare industry. IRMC associates spent their careers specializing in the various service areas that the firmoffers. Unlike other consulting firms that bringjunior associates to do the detailed work, IRMC only utilizes seasoned professionals with a specific understanding of the regulations and operational impact of the various regulations. This business model allows for less time on a project and a shorter time to a solution that meets the organization's strategic business goals.

Olga Lesinski, Principal Partner, IRMC Group
Another unique quality about IRMC is its ability to assist its clients in the full spectrum of their compliance and risk management needs. While many firms issue glossy reports and leave the client to figure out how to remediate identified risks, IRMC provides their clients with the resources to see risks to complete remediation. "We identify a risk and bring it to remediation," says Mick Skott, Partner and Senior Consultant of IRMC Group. "Our comprehensive compliance and risk reduction services have helped us become a trusted"go-to" firm for several of our clients."

Staying true to the quality of their services, IRMC Group has partnered with organizations that share their passion for providing the best quality service.

Regarding information security specifically, IRMC Group services have assisted clients with developing and managing security programs to identify risks and manage mitigation solutions across the IT spectrum including, networks, systems, medical devices, internal control systems and communication devices.

  • We identify a risk and bring it to remediation," says Mick Skott, Partner and Senior Consultant of IRMC Group.

"We are small but agile," says Olga Lesinski, Principal Partner at IRMC Group.The real value of IRMC group's services is that we can quickly pivot out resources to meet changing priorities of the organization. Olga recalls working on a HIPAA Security project for a large healthcare organization. During the project, the client had shared a pain point relating to the manual and time-consuming reportingefforts forcompliance, security and privacy risks. IRMC developed an automated reporting solution utilizing Power BI. The automated reporting solution became so popular that other areas in the organization began to request the service, changing the way information is consumed and shared across the IT organization.

"We have successfully competed with larger firms because highly qualified risk consulting professionals," says Skott. “Providing the best client service without the large firm overhead costs allows IRMC Group to stay extremely competitive.”

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IRMC Group

IRMC Group

Barrington, IL

Mick Skott, Partner, Managing Director & Senior Consultant and Olga Lesinski, Principal Partner, IRMC Group

IRMC Group, part of a consortium of healthcare service firms based in the Midwest specializes in assisting healthcare organizations in reducing operational and information technology risks. The firm provides experienced specialists in areas of technology, cybersecurity, and audit &compliance. IRMC Group’s clients include large health care systems, law firms, and insurance and pharmaceutical companies, some of which are Fortune 1000. IRMC group strives to implement best practices through specialized projects that aid their clients in optimizing their operations while strengthening their internal control structure. IRMC group’shealthcare risk management experience spans internal audit augmentation, enterprise-wide risk assessments, security governance implementations, privacy and security services, disaster recovery development and recovery auditing. IRMC group also specializes in risk analysis, compliance assessments, IT general controls and Medical Device audits