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Iron Vine Security: Purpose-Built Cybersecurity Solutions for Data Resiliency

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Ryan Brewer, EVP for BD and Strategy, Iron Vine SecurityRyan Brewer, EVP for BD and Strategy, Iron Vine Security
Healthcare institutions have unique data security requirements because of the privacy information they contain and the well-known sophisticated threats to their systems. Iron Vine Security is a Cybersecurity services company and offers advanced, purpose-built cybersecurity solutions that help clients secure their systems, networks, sensitive data, and their reputation.

Founded in 2008with the goal of building a focused Cybersecurity organization with an employee-centric culture, Iron Vine develops award-winning Cybersecurity programs by providing high-touch customer service and innovative, pragmatic solutions that manage and reduce risk. Iron Vine is unique—intentionally so. Many firms supporting the healthcare industry include Cybersecurity as one part of a very broad service offering. At Iron Vine, Cybersecurity is all they do. They believe their Cybersecurity focus and mantra of “Driven by Purpose” attracts enthusiasts in the industry who sincerely care about the client’s healthcare mission. This strategy results in happy and respected employees, which produces happy and respected clients.

Iron Vine’s healthcare focus began with a contract with the Millennium Challenge Corporation, which is a federal agency engaged in improving healthcare and infrastructure fordeveloping world countries. Their focus and passion for healthcare continues today, with 85 percent of Iron Vine’s contracts over the past 12 years having supported federal healthcare clients like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the National Institutes for Health (NIH). Iron Vine’s comprehensive Cybersecurity services include security engineering, Cybersecurity program development, SOC management, cloud infrastructure security, forensics and examinations, network monitoring, penetration testing, malware analysis, and data loss prevention, to name a few.

They have implemented several 24x7x365,innovative, large-scale Cybersecurity operations centers for various clients using their holistic, pragmatic approach.

"For us, it is all about deeply understanding our client's healthcare mission. We know we must balance the needs of the healthcare community to share information and data with the need for security and protecting information. We do this by engineering innovative cybersecurity solutions that effectively protect their assets and data while also securely enabling data sharing," says Ryan Brewer, EVP for Business Development and Strategy at Iron Vine Security.

  • Iron Vine Security is a Cybersecurity services company and offers advanced, purpose-built cybersecurity solutions that help clients secure their systems, networks, sensitive data, and their reputation.

The differentiators of Iron Vine Security include designing solutions to its clients' specific needs, both domestically and internationally. Iron Vine Security runs the24x7x365 cyber integration center for one healthcare client and has implemented innovative solutions. Their solutions include the Iron Vine customized Cyber Threat Intelligence platform (IronCore) and a crowdsourced continuous penetration testing solution."We take a lot of time and care to understand the mission of our clients, such as open enrollment at CMS, where over 140 million Americans each year can sign up for Healthcare coverage. This ongoing interaction and awareness of mission rhythm affords us insight to known what type of traffic should be seen during that time, helping them mitigate targeted threats to CMS’ systems," mentions Brewer.

Many clients have benefitted from the customized solutions of Iron Vine Security, including CMS, monitoring over a hundred million Americans beneficiary information. When the pandemic of COVID-19 came crashing, Iron Vine Security developed disaster recovery plans to provide secure and redundant remote monitoring services to its clients. The company was quickly able to switch to its pre-developed solution to provide 24x7x365 remote monitoring without any disruption to operations within CMS.

Before joining Iron Vine Security, Brewer served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at CMS and has supported healthcare clients since 1996.So, he understands the criticality of protecting healthcare data at rest and in motion. With Iron Vine Security, Brewer and its other leaders aim to create a stronger healthcare landscape that protects patient data and reduces risk.

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Iron Vine Security

Iron Vine Security

Washington, DC

Ryan Brewer, EVP for BD and Strategy , Iron Vine Security

Iron Vine Security is a cybersecurity company specializing in developing technical risk management solutions for government and commercial clients, both domestically and internationally. The company helps its clients to secure their system networks and sensitive data