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ISeeYouCare: Redefining Home Healthcare

Christopher Kellogg , COO, ISeeYouCareChristopher Kellogg , COO, ISeeYouCare
Robert Higgs realized the negative aspects of healthcare when his wife passed away and had to be resuscitated due to human errors within that healthcare system. This led to the passion for what he states is his life’s calling: improving healthcare quality. In healthcare, the transition of care and the coordination of patient records between entities continues to be a pressing challenge. To confront this challenge head-on, Higgs built a platform that would completely resolve this uncertainty and bring about improved healthcare outcomes. His venture ISeeYouCare provides a patient-centric platform that puts the data in the hands of the patient (the consumer), allowing the data to pass more freely between healthcare providers, payers, and patients.

With this in mind, the company focuses on only one aspect: the patient. “There are but two components to the healthcare system that are relevant; the patient and the care provider. Only one of these components are mobile throughout their lifetime—the patient,” says Higgs. At the home health front, the company’s cloud-based platform connects patients to a board of certified caregivers providing home monitoring 24/7. “Certainly, most of us would prefer to be cared for at home rather than in a healthcare facility. To that end, ISeeYouCare provides a platform that enables patients to be better cared for in the home setting,” says John K Jennings, VP, Business Development, ISeeYouCare.

The home health industry is coming up with several strategies to address these concerns. In a typical post-acute rehabilitation, a home health patient would be seen 2-3 times a week, at most. On the other hand, ISeeYouCare takes a unique approach to have better engagement with the patients. “We monitor the patients with our My Home eHealth Monitoring platform each and every day.

Furthermore, a provider contacts the patient proactively, multiple times a week yielding 40 to 50 touch points where the traditional approach produces only 10 to 12.

John K Jennings, VP, Business Development, ISeeYouCareJohn K Jennings, VP, Business Development, ISeeYouCare
By doing this, we do not prevent every Emergency Room (ER) visit. However, we drastically reduce ER readmission rates,” says Christopher Kellogg, COO, ISeeYouCare.

The company’s home-monitoring platform—My Home eHealth Monitoring— connects care providers to their patients from home or elsewhere providing patient notifications through a web-based dashboard, which is monitored 24/7. ISeeYouCare has developed an app that connects the data collection system and the medica l devices. The user can view the historical data and several parameters using this app. “Our integration engine for EHRs pulls the data from the hospital’s EHR and then transfers the patient’s full medical record to our platform for home health support,” explains Jennings.

ISeeYouCare provides a platform that enables patients to be better cared for in the home setting

ISeeYouCare’s groundbreaking solution—the Smart Health Card—compresses the patient’s lifetime healthcare record onto a small chip. This data includes all 17 sections of patient data as established by ASTM Continuity of Care Record and includes imaging files. ISeeYouCare is also utilizing these same integration techniques to improve medication adherence. “Our engineering and operation teams provide the needed support for patients, providers, and payers to maximize the impact of this platform,” adds Kellogg. ISeeYouCare is engaged with numerous projects and pilot initiatives with various partners throughout the healthcare continuum.

With successful deployments in the U.S., Africa, and South America, ISeeYouCare is focusing on bringing much needed improvement to the U.S. healthcare system.