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IT Consulting Group: Democratizing Project Management for All Healthcare Facilities

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Ian Slade, Managing Partner, IT Consulting GroupIan Slade, Managing Partner, IT Consulting Group
The sheer size and complexity of the health care system, along with an emphasis on higher quality of treatments and optimized expenses, have created a dire need for project planning and management among health care professionals. Amidst increasing pressure to develop streamlined healthcare services, trying to strike the precarious balance between efficiency and quality places a greater need for better project management. While AI and Machine Learning are godsends that sate this need, only a few companies have effectively employed them to combat and resolve the situation. IT Consulting Group is one such organization that was established with a sole mission to improve productivity in the healthcare landscape, leveraging the latest innovations in AI, one project at a time.

In the last quarter of 2020, the team at IT began their work on the Healthcare Project Management Association (HPMA)—a digital platform that provides a clear overview of current projects to healthcare project managers and other concerned members. “One of the purposes of the HPMA is to create an ecosystem where workers from various spaces in healthcare can come together to discuss new or ongoing projects hassle-free,” says Ian Slade, Managing Partner at IT Consulting Group. Akin to a professional networking platform that connects healthcare workers, the platform lets users conveniently reach out to employees from different spheres if needed. For example, project managers can communicate with programmers on the platform and add them to the current project’s roster. Moreover, with all users in a singular digital space, the platform allows management teams to easily process payments without complicated bureaucracy. Using advanced AI and ML technologies as the cogs that run the platform, users receive updates and news feeds tailored to the groups they’re part of and topics that interest them. Services backed by advanced intelligence tech help diagnose diseases better and earlier, treat illness more precisely, and engage patients more efficiently than today’s healthcare system does.

One of the purposes of the HPMA is to create an ecosystem where workers from various spaces in healthcare can come together to discuss new or ongoing projects hassle-free

“With easy access and clear visibility into project management, our goal is to democratize it for the healthcare industry,” adds Slade. In an engagement where he had to help a client install project management tools, Slade observed that although large enterprises could afford expensive managerial solutions, a vast majority of small to medium-sized companies could not. As glaring as the issue is in the US, it much more so in developing countries. With a vision to make efficient project management readily accessible to every hospital, IT Consulting Group has devised programs that enable healthcare facilities to realize their growth potential while keeping expenses to a minimum. The Enterprise plan, for example, is delivered at a flat fee that depends on the size of the hospital and the number of users. Once users log onto the platform, they have access to all materials stored on it, can interact with other users and form groups, and can also attend several webinars. The transparency of the tool also allows project managers to accurately gauge the number of ongoing projects and the extent of their completion. Additionally, the platform serves as a standardization tool where all project managers can collectively submit their respective reports.

Although the program is currently in its beta testing stage, healthcare facilities with less than 300 beds are encouraged to use it such that they have better control over their operational costs. “We aim to reach out to hospitals across the world, but our current targets are the US and Indian markets,” states Slade. IT Consulting strives to make its project management platform available and affordable for clinics and hospitals of all sizes. Succeeding in this mission is more critical in this industry than others because the success or failure of healthcare projects can mean the difference between life and death.

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IT Consulting Group

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Ian Slade, Managing Partner , IT Consulting Group

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