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ITelagen: Crafting Next Generation EHR Tools

 John O'Keefe, CEO, ITelagen
Healthcare is an information and data rich enterprise. A superior and more faultless flow of information within a digital health care infrastructure, crafted by electronic health records (EHRs), circumscribes and leverages digital progress and can alter the way care is conveyed and remunerated. “However, many hospitals and medical practices don’t have a sophisticated IT team to figure out the ways to leverage the advantages of EHRs,” says John O'Keefe, CEO at ITelagen. Apart from the IT technology aspect, the industry also lacks the expertise to manage enterprise grade applications and also secure the sensitive data in the systems. ITelagen, a New Jersey based company brings IT Support to healthcare, and small/ medium sized businesses by utilizing enterprise-grade IT management tools to proactively manage and support the entire IT infrastructure.

ITelagen redefines healthcare IT for medical practices by providing EHR as part of an entire back-office solution that includes unlimited onsite and remote technical support for the staff, and secure hosting of patient data. “We are more than just desktop technicians, but a complete healthcare technology team made up of engineers, and EHR experts,” claims O'Keefe. By combining certified EHR experts with IT and hosting, ITelagen becomes the single point of contact and a “One-Stop Shop” for IT and EHR infrastructure.

With a unique catchphrase ‘we bring Fortune 500 type IT support to small to medium size medical practices,’the support and services provided by ITelagen are designed to bring support to both medical practices with few staff members as well as vast organizations. “We run our support operations in compliance with many regulations and have bestof- the-breed systems that allow us to efficiently

support and maintain the desktops and servers for our clients nationwide,” says O'Keefe.

For a detailed understanding of ITelagen’s solutions, consider the example of Muir Medical Group IPA, a not-forprofit integrated system of doctors, hospitals and other medical services. The company was facing issues with rolling out IT solutions to over 700 physician’s practices. They were looking for partners to build and provide support for new technology initiatives. The client chose ITelagen’s proactive technology that enabled remote monitoring and management of the IPA’s independent physician offices and its services platform seamlessly supported all NextGen electronic enterprise software solutions.

We run our support operations in compliance with many regulations and have best-of-the-breed systems that allow us to efficiently support and maintain the desktops and servers for our clients nationwide

ITelagen invests heavily in its innovation lab for the smooth functioning of its solutions, and the evolving support automations. For instance, the company vigorously tests software patches before releasing it into the client desktops and their own servers. “Further, ITelagen is one of the first cloud hosting companies to include solid state RAM drives in our cloud based infrastructure,” says O'Keefe. The company is also developing content for the NextGen Ambulatory EHR to facilitate workflow capabilities that will optimize the efficiency of the platform andstreamline the EHR experience for physicians, nurses, and staff. The next big push for ITelagen is to be one of the prominent sources for healthcare IT hosting and support. The company is looking ahead to partner with or acquire small IT companies for enhancing its services and to grow business from that perspective. “We are looking forward to growing our business in multiple verticals; being able to offer services to the electronic health record market and small to medium sized businesses through numerous partnerships,” concludes O'Keefe.