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ITSourceTek: Creating a Data Haven

Brian Arellanes, Founder & CEO, ITSourceTekBrian Arellanes, Founder & CEO, ITSourceTek
After years of working as a leader and consultant in the security space, Brian Arellanes founded ITSourceTek with one vision at front; “to offer personalized services and the right course of direction to the industries grappling with challenges due to heavy regulations.” It was Arellanes’s commitment to the organizations he worked with, which eventually led him to offer enterprise grade protection against cyber threats. Today, ITSourceTek has grown into a trusted advisor across the security space, enabling healthcare, financial services, retail, and government organizations to secure their data and stay tandem with the regulation policies of PCI, SOX, and HIPAA. Additionally, ITSourceTek is helping to ensure that their clients 3rd Party Vendors are also meeting all compliance standards.

Whether it is to detect and eliminate intrusions, prevent data exfiltration or stop Malware and Ransomware attacks, ITSourceTek can curb the threats of cyber breaches successfully through its customized security solutions. For policy management, ITSourceTek leverages various technologies that focus on Unsupervised Machine Learning—using the best of artificial intelligence—and solutions with real-time monitoring that leverage inline policy enforcement and dynamic data protection. “We can detect anomalies based on operational analysis of the apps and systems, and how data is accessed by the employees in an automated fashion,” explains Arellanes, Founder and CEO, ITSourceTek. In any instance of malicious activity, the company’s customized tool provides self-generated alerts, notifying whether it’s an internal threat or it is malware and Trojans breaching from outside.

Such dexterity is instilled in the tools after paying due heed to technologies like Cloud, which are not only under the scope of global companies but hackers too. “It is a big concern for CIOs and CISO’s. But with our solutions, we can extend protection into the Cloud, while also automating functions to provide strong ROI’s in addition to robust security”, assures Arellanes.

We can detect anomalies based on operational analysis of the apps and systems and how data is accessed by the employees in an automated fashion

ITSourceTek has proven expertise to secure any cloud ecosystemin today’s overwhelming standards and laws. “We focus on security, monitoring, and automation systems that help enterprises to remove those mundane manual tasks,” adds Arellanes.

ITSourceTek believes in transforming complex and mission-critical operations into simple tasks. “Our partners, such as SecuPi, also extend our expertise in simplifying policy management by offering easy to install and use protection for applications that keep all the sensitive data policies enforced in real-time,” says Arellanes. Through this partnership, ITSourceTek is assisting its customers to mask their data, which helps to ensure compliance with PCI and HIPAA standards are met.

With the aid of ITSourceTek, one of their Fortune 25 clients successfully curbed the threats related to data protection. “We helped them implement an encryption/tokenization solution that encrypted the flow of data from their web portals, all the way down to their backend systems, and even extended into Cloud based SaaS systems like Salesforce and ServiceNow,” explains Arellanes. ITSourceTek enabled various automated Cloud processes for another Fortune giant that eliminated IT intervention, providing substantial ROI and additional revenue for the client.

Replicating identical results for organizations, ITSourceTek intends to keep its focus on its successful growth strategy—to stay nimble and offer high impact solutions. “We want to offer our clients innovative solutions that are easily adaptable, as well as provide guidance to ensure their needs are met today and extend into the future despite changes that may arise due to regulatory changes,” says Arellanes. Keeping its DNA of ‘giving back to the community’ virtue in focus, ITSourceTek will continue its efforts to increase diversity in cybersecurity.