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J2 Interactive: Holistic HIE Solutions for Enhanced Interoperability

Lou LaRocca, President & CEO, J2 InteractiveLou LaRocca, President & CEO, J2 Interactive
Today, healthcare providers are cognizant about the worth of exchanging critical patient data for improved patient care. However, making disparate healthcare information systems interoperable is a major concern in wake of differences in standards followed by each provider. For the smooth interchange of data, healthcare providers need to armor themselves with the right Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution to enhance coordination, accessibility and efficiency of patient information to be shared across entire healthcare continuum. This is where J2 Interactive comes in. The company specializes in best practice consulting and customized solutions for HIE.

J2 partners with InterSystems, a health information systems provider for connected care, to plan and execute a successful HIE solution. “We are an integral part of the core team to launch a scalable, resilient and fault-tolerant backbone for improving care coordination and communication in this increasingly complex healthcare environment,” asserts Lou LaRocca, President and CEO, J2 Interactive. The company’s expertise with every facet of InterSystems’ HealthShare platform, a healthcare information interoperability solution, enables clients to work with setup right from configuration of all integration points and application functionalities. The company assists users to easily migrate their legacy providers, patient and care plan data into the new system. As a next step, users can test the new product and validate all the data within the system.

As a result, the new system allows healthcare providers to achieve interoperability-driven applications such as patient engagement or population health through connected and comprehensive health records in a timely manner. Alongside a holistic system, clients benefit from enhanced communication with care managers, patients, service agencies and reduced duplicative services, from the HIE platform.

We are helping clients make a difference in the lives of the patients who depend on them

The informatics platform enhances safety and reduces duplicative services by delivering comprehensive patient records and actionable information at the point of care. Users can also unlock the value of shared health information for population and performance management.

J2 has been the catalyst to the successful HIE implementations using HealthShare for a number of clients including Coordinate My Care, Healthix, and Hixny. In addition to providers, laboratories, and HIEs, J2’s customers include several application vendors and service organizations that rely on J2 to help them bring innovative healthcare solutions to the market. “We are helping clients make a difference in the lives of the patients who depend on them,” elucidates LaRocca. In one instance, Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX) required to build an HIE to boost patient centric care, healthcare quality and outcomes utilizing a service-oriented architecture that implements federal standards. They approached InterSystems and J2 for this task. Connecting 50 facilities throughout Brooklyn, J2 was also responsible for building the exchange’s identity management capabilities and EHR connectivity by integrating with third-party software. “J2 has demonstrated extraordinary commitment towards our success in the quickly-evolving HIE environment. Beyond their technical expertise, J2 has become an important and reliable resource to us for strategic planning and staff augmentation,” affirms Irene Koch, Executive Director, BHIX.

Strengthening the long standing partnership with InterSystems, J2 will continue to empower clients to build and support the necessary integrations between the HealthShare clinical data and care providers. Also, the company will focus on honing its expertise in project management, staff augmentation, application development, and healthcare analytics. “We’re always working to make sure that even as our company grows, we never lose the culture of learning and innovating,” concludes LaRocca.