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Henry Hu, CEO, JetpikHenry Hu, CEO, Jetpik
Flossing is widely known to be a necessary part of one’s daily routine. Failing to floss can cause bad breath and gum swelling while going longer periods without flossing can invite gum disease and gingivitis, sometimes leading to much worse diseases like periodontitis. But according to a study published by the American Dental Association, only 40 percent of the Americans floss the recommended amount while 20 percent never floss at all. While this can be due to a dislike of the habit or not possessing the dexterity to do it, a much bigger question looms over our heads. Is flossing as efficient as it should be?

In 2010, when Henry Hu, now the CEO of Jetpik, went visiting his dentist, he was told that his teeth were fine but there was a plaque buildup indicating that he wasn’t flossing regularly. Henry back then was a regular user of a popular water flosser brand, and was taken aback by this statement. The dentist then explained with an analogy comparing water flossers to with automated car washes. Just like how the function of a car wash is complete after the bristles scrub the sides of the car, manual floss is required to properly clean the gums. This prompted an idea in Henry’s mind to combine the convenience of a water flosser and the effectiveness of manual flossing. Bringing together team of engineers and tapping on his biomedical engineering background, Henry created Jetpik, the world’s first water flosser that combined the power of a pulsating water jet with the precision of dental floss. “Our dental products are time-tested, proven and has a great success rate in effectively removing food debris and plaque while giving healthier and brighter teeth to customers,” states Henry.

A clinical study at Wuhan Medical University found that Jetpik had a 240 percent higher cleaning efficiency when compared to just using water alone.

Our dental products are time-tested, proven and has a great success rate, which enables us to effectively remove food debris and plaque while giving healthier and brighter teeth

A competitive product only achieved a maximum of 37 percent of plaque removal rate when Jetpik achieved 79 percent in similar settings. This study verified the company’s theory that a pulsating dental floss, combined with manual flossing produced unprecedented results.

The combined functionality of a water flosser and manual flossing in Jetpik is just the icing. It is a boon especially for people with dental works such as bridges, braces or implants which prevent them from accessing harder areas in the mouth. Also, compared with other oral irrigators, Jetpik is highly portable, compact, and internationally adaptable with a standard USB outlet. Once flossing is done, the tip can just be switched over to make it into an electric toothbrush. Each product comes with color-coded nozzles and brush tips, allowing every Jetpik to be used by an individual or shared with the family.

Jetpik is available for purchase in multiple online retail outlets such as Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and the regular dental cleaning appliances sellers. Majority of the dentists are recommending patients to use Jetpik. The company has found support overseas too. Certain organizations who care about the oral health of their employees, have taken it upon themselves to present them Jetpik as a holiday gift or an achievement gift. With all these positive marketing, the product is gaining traction among people of all classes and is increasingly getting praised for its efficiency.

“We are trying to make Jetpik much more portable, similar to a wearable equipment,” says Henry. “People can go to any public restroom without any feel of sanitation issues and get a quick clean.” Also, Jetpik has plans to register another patent in the coming days with a modified and an even better solution which will focus on mobility, efficiency, and convenience. “We will bring something that amazes the world and changes people’s daily living habit,” concludes Henry.

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Henry Hu, CEO, Jetpik

Jetpik is an oral healthcare products manufacturing company, home to the innovative Jetpik power floss system which combines oral irrigation and dental floss providing a never-before flossing experience