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Alex Karpovsky, CEO, Kanda SoftwareAlex Karpovsky, CEO, Kanda Software
Ensuring health data security and privacy throughout the information exchange process is often a key pain point for providers. Companies should adhere to all federal and state regulations with data security, while still allowing data to flow freely as needed for patient care.

Organizations have invested plenty of funds into healthcare exchange, but they are still receiving much less in terms of privacy, efficiency, and efficacy of information exchange. A whole lot of capital is yet leading to lesser transparency and more breaches. "Therefore, the primary pain point is to reverse the trend to be able to do more with less," begins Alex Karpovsky, CEO of Kanda Software.

Kanda Software focuses on software development from scratch, integration with currently running projects, shift from a legacy system toward a new platform, providing maintenance services, designing of IT infrastructure, and running of different tests to ensure product quality. The firm ensures complete software development lifecycle analysis as well as deployment, maintenance, and support services.

"We work actively with the customer in advisory, consultative, and collaborative manner to ensure that we deliver the best possible product in the shortest possible time," states Karpovsky.

With a multi-year experience of developing HIPAA and other regulatory compliant solutions, Kanda Software is a reliable full-service software engineering, digital transformation, and QA partner specializing in the development of time-sensitive and innovative SaaS, mobile and on-premises solutions. "We have the agile process, the project management, the business analysis, the deployment management, the top level of technical expertise, and the technology management," adds Karpovsky. He continues, "Our 27 years of expertise and experience lets us deliver a commercially viable product based on those two foundations, the technical proclivity and in the end, the vertical domain knowledge."

The company brings to every project a combination of domain expertise, exceptional engineering talent, rigorous best practices, and commitment to the protection of client IP.

We work actively with the customer in advisory, consultative, and collaborative manner to ensure that we deliver the best possible product in the shortest possible time

Kanda Software has worked with several large as well as smaller companies to improve human diagnostics and augment physicians' work through machine learning and AI. The company has perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting development and QA processes at the right time, using the right resources. A long and successful track record has equipped Kanda Software with the ability to provide rapid, cost-effective solutions that blend seamlessly with clients' product and business strategy, infrastructure analysis, architecture, UX design, rapid development, functional QA, and QA automation – or all of the above.

Kanda Software has successfully delivered end-to-end software development, quality assurance, and support solutions to hundreds of clients. Their customers vary from large corporations to disruptive startups, from software vendors and SaaS companies to digital healthcare innovators, app vendors, marketing firms, financial services providers, publishers, and educational institutions. 

For instance, Intervention Insights approached Kanda Software with an excellent idea and a prototype of how to improve oncological treatments for people using genetic and molecular information. The client had a scientist who developed algorithms using an interesting approach, but they had no software tools. Kanda Software created a platform by implementing those ideas and scientific breakthroughs. Today, several of the largest oncology providers in the US utilize this platform to improve the oncological outcomes of the patients. Kanda Software continues developing this white-labeled software for its client and releases new versions of it to the marketplace.

Forging ahead, Kanda Software aims to become a significant player in the public cloud space so that its clients can easily transit to the cloud while leveraging the best of machine learning and AI technologies. The company is always striving to expand its development footprint, and it is establishing itself in Polish and Latin American regions very significantly. "Our clients appreciate how we are always available, and by forming a true partnership, we value their success as our success," concludes Karpovsky.

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Kanda Software

Kanda Software

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Alex Karpovsky, CEO , Kanda Software

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