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Kappler Group: Reinventing Dental Offices with Efficient Designs and Technologies

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Julia Kappler, Vice President, Kappler GroupJulia Kappler, Vice President, Kappler Group
While establishing and managing a dental office, dentists must ensure efficient utilization of office space and quintessential dental equipment, adherence to building code and health & safety regulations, and a positive experience for patients. Considering the numerous operations in a dental clinic involve different staff and diverse instruments, competently administrating quotidian activities often becomes overwhelming for dental office managers. Consequently, efficient interior and workflow design become the lynchpin of a clinic’s success, as well designed dental offices and streamlined operational workflows increase the productivity and functionality of staff. Kappler Group, a North Carolina-based architectural and IT design firm, helps dental professionals achieve the aforementioned objectives by designing offices that work in tandem with their workflows and IT infrastructures. The company utilizes its longstanding experience in the global dental industry to offer interior and cabinetry design, information technology, and project management services.

Founded over seven decades ago by Erwin and Berta Kappler as a manufacturer of dental cabinetry, Kappler Group has expanded its knowledge base since then by meticulously comprehending the challenges faced by various individuals and the workflows of dental offices. Today, the company provides a holistic service that enables customers to implement structured and custom workflows according to their operations, combined with pertinent cabinetry and IT systems. Kappler considers the aesthetic and functional aspects of a dental office and enables its clients to set up beautifully designed spaces that improve the clinic’s workflows and efficiency.

Kappler is an industry leader in developing operative and innovative furniture of high quality that enables dentists to utilize their office space to the maximum. Complementing these products are Kappler’s hardware and software support, backend office systems, and other fully managed IT solutions. With a complete view of clients’ offices and their operations, Kappler installs relevant IT systems that improve patient experience and staff workflows, hence improving the overall services of the clinics. The company also provides customers with software and hardware solutions that are required for seamlessly integrating and digitizing the day-today tasks. While implementing these products and services, Kappler’s teams practice a customer-centric approach and comprehensively understand their clients’ specific needs and provide bespoke services.

We have the unique understanding and experience that no other company can reflect when it comes to designing Dental Practices. We are reinventing how dental offices look and function

Kappler provides its customers with the best and latest design that empowers them to provide personalized services to their patients. “Our services are not ‘one size fits all.’ During the onboarding process, we have in-depth discussions with our clients regarding their vision, struggles, future roadmap, and their perspective about designing their clinics,” elaborates Julia Kappler, vice president of Kappler Group. The teams then analyze the efficacy of the clients’ workflows, ergonomics, and feasibility of the design, and customize the solutions according to their requisites. Kappler’s teams also take into account the financial aspects and suggest the best solutions within clients’ budgets. To help clients accurately understand the size and scale of the proposed design, Kappler employs 3D renderings, which lets its clients virtually see the space and inspect every aspect of the design. The teams keep the dentists updated via a mobile app regarding the construction, upload videos and photos of each step of the process, and provide them with a timeline indicating the time each step will take and when the scheduled inspections are. Several of its clients speak highly of its integrity, transparency in communication, and proactive nature towards resolving its client’s challenges, which has helped Kappler Group consolidate its position in the global dental community. To illustrate the same, Julia cites a customer success story where the company helped a dentist navigate the challenges of opening a new dental clinic amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

Kappler designed the layout for the client, provided dental grade cabinetry, designed considering infection control with single-entry treatment rooms while abiding by patient privacy protocols. After a month of opening the clinic, the pandemic started, and the local authorities imposed lockdowns. Astonishingly, the clinic’s revenue increased even during that time. Recalling the implementation, Julia adds, “We implemented systems that made the patients feel comfortable and safe to visit a dentist. Clients didn’t have to change anything in their clinics as the solutions were designed to withstand even such unprecedented scenarios.” Looking at Kappler’s history and how far it has come, one could confidently state that its comprehensive services are truly unique to the healthcare industry. The company consistently implements the technologies that future-proof its clients’ clinics, helping them stay ahead of time. “Our goal is to keep expanding our knowledge and inventing new systems and workflows that provide comprehensive support to dentists. We have the unique understanding and experience that no other company can reflect when it comes to designing Dental Practices. We are reinventing how dental offices look and function,” concludes Julia.

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Kappler Group

Kappler Group

Charlotte, NC

Julia Kappler, Vice President, Kappler Group

Kappler Group is an industry leader in interior and cabinetry design, project management, and IT solutions provider for dental clinics. Established in Germany in 1947 by Erwin and Berta Kappler as a provider of dental cabinetry, Kappler Group today provides bespoke services that help dentists improve the productivity of their clinics’ staff and streamline and digitalize workflows. Kappler forges strong and long-lasting relationships with its clients and provides them with the highest quality of design and cabinetry.