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Ashley Reynolds, CEO, KavivaAshley Reynolds, CEO, Kaviva
As value-based payment models become more popular, healthcare institutions are on the lookout for engagement solutions that lead to meaningful relationships and persuasive conversations rather than one-sided communications modes that are typically available through traditional means such as print or online portals. For a successful value-based care model, it is essential to have a personalized, multichannel engagement strategy. However, most healthcare institutions and health plans often lack expertise in segmenting and treating healthcare participants as consumers. They require the ability to create customized campaigns that leverage behavioral models to encourage people to adopt a particular course of action, such as completing a mandatory immunization or colorectal cancer screening. Refining such campaigns based on patient behaviour, campaign effectiveness and managing the same for better results is a capability that many healthcare entities lack. Addressing these challenges is Florida-based Kaviva. Kaviva is a health technology provider that offers a precision engagement platform which utilizes multichannel outreach married with behavioural economics and clinical data to target and segment individuals and groups based on social determinants, and demographic characteristics, among other factors. This approach allows the right message, to be delivered to the right person, at the right time, and in the right channel. The CEO of Kaviva, Dr.Ashley Reynolds, holds a strong passion towards his work and focuses on leveraging technology to drive target behaviors, which has helped him gain in-depth knowledge regarding the ways to refine campaigns for the greatest impact. “The engagement strategy must be multichannel, relevant, contextual, and segmented for it to be successful,” says Dr. Reynolds in the light of his experience.

Kaviva strives to understand the underlying behavioural drivers and to target communications a client is aiming at before assessing its population. Based on the information collected, they can create a multichannel and multi-level engagement campaign that is designed to reinforce a particular health behavior.

Dr. Reynolds stresses on the fact that the company understands the importance of considering social determinants of health, psychographic profiles, demographics, culturally and linguistically appropriate messaging, and prior behaviors within a population for a campaign to have the greatest impact.

Kaviva utilizes a collaborative approach where they interact with various functions within an organization such as marketing or clinical departments. During the creation of a campaign, they ensure not to interfere with an ongoing campaign their client might be involved in to guarantee effective results. To achieve a maximum response from target recipients, the company works with the client’s marketing team to modify and shape the branding of their campaigns accordingly. Before sending out the campaign through their platform, Kaviva first approaches the client for any content revision, which is part of the final sign-off. The process doesn’t end here. The company examines various aspects such as the most effective channels of communication that led people to perform a particular behavioral objective, the number of people enrolled in a specific benefit program, and so on. All this data is collected and re-instilled back into the campaign for an enhanced approach.

Dr.Reynolds mentions a recent success story where they worked with a Medicare advantage client whose score was low in terms of their colorectal cancer screening measure. They were using live agents to contact people to take action, but it turned out to be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. When Kaviva stepped into the picture, they decided to segment the population depending on the different kinds of messages that motivate each group. As a result, the company saw a significant improvement in their compliance with the colorectal cancer screening, which also turned out to be an effective engagement solution.

In a latest venture, Kaviva launched within both a Medicare advantage special needs plan and a Medicaid plan. This group included older as well as lower-income socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. Being able to offer an engagement solution that provides screening as well as medication reminders using channels favourable to both groups is an exemplary display of using digital nudges to help a diverse set of people.

Looking ahead, the company aims to include Artificial Intelligence and machine learning into their solution. Also, they are in the process of building solutions with AI that will ultimately refine campaigns without the need for human intervention. Kaviva aspires to grow its customer base and discover new opportunities over the next 12 months.

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Ashley Reynolds, CEO , Kaviva

Provides an engagement strategy which is multichannel and segmented to the population. A multichannel and multi-level engagement campaign is created that is designed to reinforce a particular behavior. They also follow a multi-disciplinary approach where they interact with various functions within an organization. The company works with the client's marketing team to modify and shape the branding of their campaign. The campaign is thoroughly monitored to ensure that it is garnering the behavioral response as per the client's expectations