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KeyMedical Software: Enhanced Practice Management and EMR

Sandy DeVol, President, KeyMedical SoftwareSandy DeVol, President, KeyMedical Software
Ophthalmology as a profession has gone through ages of refinement from glass lenses to laser treatments. Today with the explosion of technology at their disposal, the new era of advancement with gadgets, best in class equipment, and software platforms are easing the intense workflow of an ophthalmologist. Indiana based KeyMedical Software was founded in 2002 by David and Susan Jones to offer a full service experience for ophthalmology practices. KeyMedical’s solution suite includes KeyChart EHR, KeyMed Practice Management and KeyOptical inventory and dispensing software alongside hosting services in the cloud or on the practice’s in-house server.

Sandy DeVol, President of KeyMedical Software proudly states that the company’s integrated software suite is designed for ophthalmologists with direction from ophthalmologists. “However, ophthalmologists face hurdles, in juggling the constantly changing government regulations for Meaningful Use and Quality Reporting Data Architecture (QRDA) files,” she adds. “It is at times challenging to complete both the government requirements and requested enhancements by the practice, but we strive to accomplish both.” The company’s solution, "KeyChart EHR is designed exclusively for ophthalmologists allowing them to document visual acuities, refractions, and intraocular pressures easily," says Sandy. KeyChart offers a color drawing tool with professionally drawn eye templates and stamps of medical conditions so that doctors can either draw freehand or drag and drop stamps of common conditions on the templates to document findings clearly. The solution connects with ophthalmologists’ automated diagnostic equipment allowing the images to display in KeyChart where they can document interpretations. The company also partners with EyeCOR by Nteon, who recommend the appropriate eye code and evaluation and management code for the visit.

KeyChart can be combined with KeyMed practice management software—the 20-year evolution of four physician information systems, which has been refined and updated, to accommodate today’s physician practices.

KeyChart EHR is designed exclusively for ophthalmologists allowing them to document visual acuities, refractions, and intraocular pressures easily

Combining the most up-to-date computer architecture with the ease of the Internet, this program is designed to safeguard confidential patient information. In an example portraying the company’s expertise, Doctors Eye Institute implemented both KeyChart EHR and KeyMed PM owing to KeyMedical’s philosophy on technology—to stay at the front line but to execute at a pace and in a manner that allows the doctors and staff not to become overly stressed or face challenges. Today, Doctors Eye Institute is at the forefront of implementing changes steadily while reaping the benefits of protected charts, finding the information they need quickly, legible charts with correct spelling, and meeting regulations avoiding the penalties.

The company also offers clients instant access to MedlinePlus—the National Institutes of Health’s website produced by the National Library of Medicine on diseases, conditions and wellness issues for patient education information in English, Spanish and multiple other languages regarding patients’ specific diagnoses. “We allow users to fax letters and other documents directly from KeyChart which is HIPAA compliant,” explains Sandy. “We also use e-prescribing inside our EMR software, KeyChart. For those practices that choose not to use a complete EMR and only want e-prescribing, they can use KeyScribe—certified for eprescribing for controlled substances.”

For the future, KeyMedical will be working with their partner’s patient portal to offer schedule requests, online bill pay, reminders, patient results and patient alerts. They will also concentrate on ONC-ACB 2015 certification, which will be required for users to meet the requirements of MIPS program in 2018. “Our clients provide us with suggestions to improve the software, which we document and implement, alongside staying up-to-date with the latest technology changes and tools to provide clients with the best experience,” concludes Sandy.