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Dave Grandin, President & CEO, KiioDave Grandin, President & CEO, Kiio
With an annual U.S. spend in excess of $100 billion; low back pain is a leading cost driver for healthcare insurers and employers. In addition to being the primary cause of opioid prescription, low back pain is the number one reason for missed work days and disability claims. Despite escalating healthcare expenditures, outcomes and quality of life for those suffering from low back pain have declined.

This troubling dynamic caught the attention of Kiio when they were asked by a healthcare insurer to help address the issue. An innovative healthcare solutions provider, Kiio developed a program to help healthcare payers and their members manage low back pain. The program offers improved outcomes and positive patient experience at lower cost by delivering information and care that is personalized to each individual’s unique situation and delivered to their smartphone for ease and convenience.

Kiio’s scientifically-backed low back pain program combines multiple clinically-proven components. The solution begins with a computer-adaptive, multi-level screening that helps determine if a person is medically appropriate for and able to benefit from the program. The results of this screening, along with the individual’s specific type of low back pain, feed into the program’s decision support algorithms, which recommend the care delivered for each individual.

Proprietary algorithms monitor progress and leverage virtual coaching to guide each participant through the program at their own pace, flagging them for human intervention if necessary.

We are passionate about transforming the traditional delivery model to provide people-centric care that is both engaging and scalable

“For the approximately 70 percent of individuals appropriate to engage, the program delivers symptom-based, multi-level home exercise programs along with educational content put together by clinical experts with more than 20 years of experience in spine therapy,” explains Dave Grandin, President and CEO, Kiio. With real-time status and outcomes-reporting provided to the payer, the solution is not only effective and convenient for members, but also low cost and easy to implement and manage for large populations.

The effectiveness of the program has been substantiated, and the results are impressive. “Participants in the program saw a 50 percent reduction in pain, 1.7 times greater than the international standard for clinical significance in low back pain,” remarks Grandin. Clearly, the program is having an impact. When surveyed, 85 percent of users indicated not only that the program taught them new ways to manage their condition, but also that they would recommend the program to a friend.

Kiio’s cloud-based health engagement platform is not just limited to low back pain. The platform provides a new way for both payers and providers to engage with people to manage their health, from chronic disease and maternity to total hip and knee replacements and rehabilitation from other musculoskeletal injuries.

“Consumer-driven healthcare is here. We are passionate about transforming the traditional delivery model to provide people-centric care that is both engaging and scalable,” says Grandin. Kiio’s technology is already being used in a collaborative project with the DoD, with professional sports teams, and at a variety of healthcare institutions across the country. Kiio is indeed a healthcare innovator on a mission.