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Jose Bastos, Co-Founder and CEO, KnokcareJose Bastos, Co-Founder and CEO, Knokcare
In today's healthcare market, few common trends are happening simultaneously. The primary trend is that the increasing number of the ageing population drives a need for timely access to healthcare, pushing healthcare systems to the verge of being overwhelmed. This need has reached an all-time high currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting impacts on healthcare systems and patient delivery. However, as most healthcare solutions leveraged by hospitals were not designed to handle large patient volumes, patient care has become a complex process for doctors and patients alike. This is a double-edged challenge as doctors consulting patients could instead utilise that time to treat patients that need conventional visits for effective care delivery. As a result, apart from doctors' inefficient allocation of time, the increasing number of patients wanting to get quicker treatment and care through existing healthcare systems are also causing hindrances in the delivery of patient care as instances of information loss are high across disparate healthcare solutions.

Addressing this challenge with its fully integrated telemedicine platform is Portugal-based knokcare. The company's platform named Panacea supports the end-to-end patient journey seamlessly and efficiently while helping health care providers boost patient adherence and affiliation. Panacea is powered by an AI triage system that directs patients to the right point of care, eliminating the need for patients to log in to their healthcare portals and allow doctors to interact with patients and treat them effectively through telehealth avenues. "83 per cent of patients are treated with video consultations, and our platform helps doctors serve such individuals with quality health care in a timely and efficient manner," says José Bastos, co-founder and CEO.

The company's SaaS solution meets doctors' demands for efficiency, transparency, and personalised service without the need for special software, account creation, or individual dial-in details. This makes virtual patient care significantly more affordable, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction and the quality of clinical outcomes. "Our AI triage minimises the utilisation of other healthcare systems, helping patients to be directed more effectively to the doctors," explains Bastos. Additionally, the platform's 'plug-and-play' infrastructure seamlessly integrates with existing systems at healthcare institutions, eliminating the need for an expensive tech overhaul.

Our integrated video platform is powered by an AI triage system that directs patients to the right point of care and allows doctors to deliver high-quality patient care efficiently

Concerning implementation, knokcare's customer success team collaborates with a hospital's IT team and shares all the relevant API documentation. Furthermore, as a white-label product, the company customises its platform with the branding and image before communicating with its product team to ensure quick and easy integrations with its existing tech stack. Once this is done, the company's customer success team trains client teams to ensure that they can self-sufficiently make the most of their investment. Post-implementation, knokcare also helps its customers in onboarding doctors and offers them the required educational regimes to gain the overall benefits of the platform with ease.

On the other hand, patients can go on a hospital’s website and answer some pre-triage questions, which takes them to an online scheduling to choose from a list of doctors adjusted to their needs. After this, the patient can schedule the appointment based on their convenience and pay for the consultation directly through the platform. Alternatively, the patient can also call a hospital’s helpline and schedule appointments through their phones. Above all, the patient always receives two notifications, once when an appointment is confirmed and the other as a reminder that their consultation starts in the next 10 minutes. “These 10 minutes are utilised as an onboarding process where hospitals can ensure that every technical aspect on both ends is working as desired, before finally connecting the patient and doctor,” adds Bastos.

With such unmatched capabilities, knokcare has ignited several success stories since its inception in 2015. And according to José Bastos, his company’s success can be attributed to the fundamental ease-of-use its platform offers to patients, simplifying their journey from scheduling an appointment with the right doctor to gaining the highest quality patient care. For providers, the seamless integration of the platform drives cost savings and enhances its utilisation among doctors. Lastly, for healthcare institutions, the platform boosts patient adherence and doctor utilisation, making the overall care delivery process increasingly efficient and straightforward.

Moving forward, knokcare aims to enhance the data consolidation and analysis capabilities of its platform to capitalise on the imminent data-driven opportunities upcoming in the healthcare sector. Concurrently with the development of these new features, the company plans to reduce the time required for doctors to deliver virtual patient care and increase the probability of making accurate diagnoses by 35 per cent. “We will continue to build newer capabilities for our platform to facilitate better quality of care and higher healthcare cost savings,” concludes Bastos.

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Jose Bastos, Co-Founder and CEO , Knokcare

Offers an integrated digital health platform that is powered by an AI triage system that directs patients to the right point of care and allows doctors to efficiently deliver high-quality patient care