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Koelis: Tackling Prostate Cancer with 3D Biopsy Mapping

Antoine M. Leroy, Founder & CEO, KoelisAntoine M. Leroy, Founder & CEO, Koelis
The integration of technology in the healthcare sector has tremendously impacted the quality and availability of treatment options for patients especially in the case of cancer. One of the most common cancers in men is prostate cancer. In the U.S. itself, one in every six men can be affected by prostate cancer. Identifying and deciding when to biopsy a man with non-suspicious DRE findings and TPSA in the 4–10 ng/ml range is challenging. It is regarded as a controversial issue because nearly two-thirds of biopsies are typically found not harmful. However, the early detection of cancer increases the chances of survival. “We revolutionized the image fusion technology by introducing the concept of targeted biopsy and treatment of prostate cancer that focuses on the importance of precision and personalization for each individual patient,” asserts Antoine M. Leroy, the Founder & CEO of Koelis. Featured and validated by more than 50 clinical publications and marketed in 30 countries, the company focuses on developing modern, targeted, and accurate solutions offering less invasive, personalized care to the patients without compromising the quality of the procedure or life.

The ultimate goal of Koelis as demonstrated at some of the most renowned health systems in the world is to deliver consistent high-quality care for every patient, wherever and whenever needed.

The company achieves these goals by bringing in their fully integrated Trinity® platform which is an image-based cartographer that allows physicians to create a 3D patient-specific map of the prostate with the help of their patented Organ Based Tracking® technology and multi-parametric image fusion. This enables practitioners to pinpoint suspicious areas and simultaneously record them critical for follow-up and future reference. The entire process eventually leads to an efficient, targeted and cost-effective procedure by streamlining workflow and fostering all-round communication. Koelis follows two approaches—Transperineal and Transrectal. Equipped with an automated 3D side-fire ultrasound probe and advanced software, Trinity® Perine provides precise organ cartography without moving the probe and drastically improves patient comfort and procedure efficacy. “Koelis is a company with 100 percent focus on prostate cancer, and Trinity® is a product specially designed for prostate cancer management. This explains why we are the best fusion and mapping solution on the market with the highest proven precision,” elucidates Leroy. On the other hand, Trinity® Recfire enables Urologists to visualize the entire gland volume that facilitates optimal transrectal access to every zone of the prostate, which is currently a big limitation. “By introducing image processing and machine learning, we are planning to make developments in soft robotics in the targeted focal treatment of the prostate cancer.”

Looking forward, Koelis is currently working on adding to the Trinity platform: image processing, soft robotics, and targeted focal treatment, while they are simultaneously planning to establish their presence in different markets across the globe. “We are focusing on consolidating our leadership in the major continents Europe, America, and Asia, focusing on France, Germany, U.K., Spain, U.S., and Japan. We are also expanding our branches in Asia-Pacific regions,” concludes Leroy.