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Kofax: Crossing the Boundaries of Patient Data Capture

Reynolds. C. Bish, CEO, KofaxReynolds. C. Bish, CEO, Kofax
The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act provides incentives for healthcare providers to incorporate Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), and penalties for those who would fail to comply. HITECH introduced a wave of change in the healthcare arena, in a bid to transform the way patient information was documented and shared in a network of healthcare settings. For years healthcare organizations relied on paper based case documentation and a sudden shift from ink to binary generated chaos at all levels and laterals for these setups.

Such a scenario was conducive to the birth of Kofax, a company with a vision to help its clients transform their FirstMile of engagement – involving initial information intensive interactions a customer has with organization – making it error free and fast. Their wide range of solutions included a bracket of offerings focused on digitalizing documentation. Kofax incorporates the most commonplace of sources of patient identification—admission forms, insurance cards, drivers’ licenses, EOBs and invoices from the front office. Additionally, lab results, clinical notes, medical reports and consultation details from the core departments are all fed into the single capture system –Kofax Capture. Kofax ensures cost-cutting by interoperability, imbibing data from standard office equipment like fax, e-mail, mobile, low cost scanners and MFPs. The advanced image processing abilities of Kofax VRS Elite ensures proper quality and anti-skewing of scanned documents and images of ID proofs, X-Rays and prescriptions. “We believe this is going to disintermediate or revolutionize the way in which data capture occurs,” articulates Reynolds.

Kofax’s mantra is to enable clinicians and practitioners to make data driven choices by sourcing real time patient information to and fro their unified platform. It readily makes available the information of a patient’s activities like previous consultations and medications, number of visits to an emergency room, duration of stay in healthcare, and so on.

Certainly everything in a digital form is much more routable, track-able and retrievable

Such metrics are particularly essential in a profession where precarious and critical decisions are strongly influenced by the most intricate details. No one summarizes this in a better way than Reynolds. C. Bish, CEO, Kofax, “Certainly everything in a digital form is much more routable, track-able and retrievable.”

Kofax’s MobileCapture platform enables the users to allow their clients to send documents using their smartphone cameras. This ensured better connectivity and ease of information transfer for the patients. The aspect came as a relief for Highway To Health (HTH) Worldwide, who had already transitioned to electronic health records and were now serving expatriate students, business and leisure travelers directly via e-mail and scanners. HTH Worldwide was faced with a challenge – to cater to the new age customer who preferred to use the smartphone cameras to capture and share documents. Now faced with concerns over exposure of Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and other issues such as blurred, skewed and cropped images, HTH Worldwide turned to Kofax for a solution. Juxtapose these concerns with Kofax’s VRS Elite and the Mobile Capture platform, and HTH Worldwide knew they had zeroed in on success. The Kofax Transformation Modules can be trained to recognize any number of form and document types and auto-classify them, aiding page separation and data validation. Kofax Monitor and trace ability ensure that the uptime of their solutions remained optimal and consistent, while also providing auditing capabilities for regulatory compliances.

One of the fastest trends in healthcare space aspect is that healthcare models are shifting rapidly towards a more patient-centric approach. Kofax’s documentation solutions constantly evolve to expedite the process of claims, invoices and EOBs, to bolster this paradigm shift. This ensures that the patient not only returns with better health, but greater satisfaction, as is the ultimate goal for healthcare organizations.