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Aqil Ahsan, Founder & Managing Director, KogniticAqil Ahsan, Founder & Managing Director, Kognitic
In response to healthcare regulators’ demand for greater transparency, the volume of publicly-available clinical trial data has increased exponentially over recent years. While this proliferation of data is beneficial for medical research, using it in a cost-effective and timely manner poses a challenge. In general, clinical trial data is collected and curated using manual methods, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Such inefficient processes for interpreting raw clinical data limits the critical insights that can be drawn by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, resulting in the loss of valuable time and resources. Reliance on such inherently slow, inaccurate, manual methods leaves companies unable to determine if they are missing an opportunity to invest in innovative therapies, or how close their competitors are to obtaining approval for a particular drug. Companies are also at a costly disadvantage when it comes to strategic decision-making during drug development as analytics is not part of the manual data collection process. Kognitic, with its automated, insight-driven platform for drug development, is the solution for pharma and biotech companies struggling with the challenge of analyzing large volumes of clinical trial data in a clear and concise fashion on a real-time basis. Kognitic’s advanced clinical trial intelligence platform accelerates clinical trial design and drug approval.

The cloud-based Kognitic platform leverages natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to collect data from multiple sources including, but not limited to, clinicaltrials.gov, journals, articles, and internal and external financial data. The trial data includes information regarding biomarkers, patient segments, and tumor types, among others. “Kognitic interprets clinical trial data and provides it in a condensed, user-friendly format,” explains Aqil Ahsan, founder and managing director of Kognitic. Moreover, the platform not only gathers data but also combines data analytics and visuals into dynamic heat maps and interactive charts, to allow researchers to identify data correlations that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Kognitic interprets clinical trial data and provides it in a condensed, user-friendly format

“Thus, using our automated and robust insight-driven platform, companies can make timely and impactful drug development decisions,” adds Jaseem Mahmmdla, Kognitic’s CTO.

By leveraging Kognitic, clients can optimize their clinical trial design and gain approval from regulatory authorities in a much shorter period of time, and gain a better understanding of emerging market trends and innovative therapies being introduced by other companies. Kognitic’s success in analyzing clinical trial data is not just theoretical, but has been proven in practice. A leading national pharmaceutical company, which initially only used Kognitic on a trial basis while continuing to rely on other vendors for managing its datasets, quickly discovered that Kognitic provided far more accurate and reliable results and did so more quickly than its other vendors. The client implemented Kognitic’s platform throughout the company on a permanent basis. The same client also used the Kognitic platform to integrate its financial data with clinical trial data to gain a 360-degree view of not only the assets in its development pipeline, but also the revenue that the assets would potentially generate over a five-year period.

Mahmmdla notes that Kognitic’s competitive edge lies in its flexibility to serve both small and large sized companies. And while the Kognitic platform features a standard version, it can also be customized to a client’s specific needs in a matter of days.

Kognitic intends to expand its clinical trial intelligence platform to other therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, immunology, neuroscience, and nephrology. Kognitic is focused on bringing a higher degree of automation to the drug development by mechanizing the process of developing a clinical trial design schema, which is a lengthy and expensive process. With such initiatives, Kognitic’s platform will continue to evolve and create cutting edge methods of analyzing clinical data which will prove to be invaluable for pharma and biotech companies.