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Krixi Corporation: Next Generation Telemedicine Platform

 Sandeep Agate, President & CEO, Krixi Corporation
The medical world is evolving at a rapid pace. With numerous technological advancements such as telemedicine, patients and doctors can obtain access to medical services or information that might normally be unavailable. Telemedicine is empowering practitioners to assess, diagnose, and treat patients remotely utilizing the latest telecommunications innovations—giving patients in these areas access to necessary specialists and better care. Besides enhancing doctor-patient communication, telemedicine is creating a better, stronger network of healthcare practitioners, permitting specialists around the globe to trade suppositions and patient data through web-browsers or smartphones. “The key problem globally is lack of specialty physicians to treat patients, there is a need to bridge this medico-geographical barrier and telemedicine is solving that problem,” says Sandeep Agate, President and CEO of Krixi Corporation. “We are a full service provider of telemedicine and telehealth solutions, including custom application development services for the healthcare industry.” Krixi goes well beyond standard telemedicine by offering a more comprehensive and scalable platform that gives physicians real-time patient reports, providing automatic data collection, on demand support documents and other tools to improve diagnosis and treatment times.

According to Agate, web and mobile enabled platforms for telemedicine and telehealth needs are no longer a luxury; they are a demand because of the propagation of hand held devices, alongside enhanced audio/video conferencing capabilities between the patients and physicians. “CIOs do not want to invest in multiple solutions. They want a single comprehensive telemedicine and telehealth platform that is secure and HIPAA and HITECH compliant,” adds Agate. “We offer Krixi Care—a comprehensive decision support tool that seamlessly integrates with a physician's workflow and eliminates the need for unnecessary patient transfer providing quality care, close to home.” The platform has provided 100 percent service uptime since 2010, and has progressed to become a reliable and valued company in the telemedicine landscape today.

We offer Krixi Care—a comprehensive decision support tool that seamlessly integrates with a physician's workflow and eliminates the need for unnecessary patient transfer

With absolutely no hardware to buy or software to install, Krixi Care helps increase the hospital’s revenue streams and achieve rapid ROI.

Krixi Care is an interface designed by physicians, for physicians. With the availability of 16 clinical modules, physicians can use Krixi Care to treat a variety of clinical conditions from their browser, smartphone or tablet. The platform not only enables the physician to observe and diagnose a patient right from their screens, but also lets the physicians see the medical support information of the patient. Physicians can seamlessly integrate the telemedicine tool with their existing workflows and avoid lost opportunity costs and lifestyle compromises by providing remote consultations from anywhere. “Krixi is redefining and altering telemedicine by abridging and solving day-to-day challenges with technology people already know how to use,” asserts Agate. “Our customers can easily adapt existing Krixi Care telemedicine modules or create new ones within a few hours and days, as the platform is highly customizable, scalable and extensible.”

The company recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of their Singapore based telestroke network, powered by Krixi Care. Since November 2010, Krixi Care has empowered neurologists in Singapore to treat thousands of stroke patients in the largest and newest hospitals in the country. “Krixi Care brought together the neurologists at the right place in the right time—arranging them together at the national neurosciences institute and eliminating the need for patients to be transferred or for physicians to travel,” explains Agate. Consulting neurologists in Singapore have leveraged Krixi Care's telestroke module to achieve some of the highest ischemic stroke treatment rates.

The company has one roadmap, to empower hospitals to connect with patients andother hospitals. “We are designing the next generation telehealth platform that enables patients to select a physician and get consultation services. The future has so much in store, and we want to make a difference. Every life matters!,” concludes Agate.