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Lexmark [NYSE:LXK]: Unifying the Siloed Healthcare Information

Paul Rooke, Chairman & CEO, LexmarkPaul Rooke, Chairman & CEO, Lexmark
In the age of easy accessibility and sapeed, the world of healthcare is plagued with age old practices like paper based record maintenance and patient tracking. The healthcare institutes fail to access real time patient information and deliver best patient care due to siloed knowledge stored in paper format. Again, maintaining documents at different locations and human involvement in it makes the record keeping process expensive and less secured. With no end to growth of patient related content, health organizations have to look for technology based approach for record keeping. Disregard for implementing appropriate document management solution eventually leads to redundant, unmanageable and unguarded information across various levels of organization.

Lexmark [NYSE:LXK], founded in 1991 and headquartered in Lexington, KY strives to connect systems and information by automating information driven process. The company’s healthcare document management solution provides easy accessibility to content that is in various formats. The centrally secured information bank grants access rights to users based on their point of access and content can be organized centrally. Indexing option in the solution helps in locating a particular document and organization of it with either pre-defined parameters or manually input metadata. Metadata available in repository can be managed, analyzed, and extracted to create search friendly content. Further, the solution’s pretrieve feature can be used for suggestion based search of content with the central repository. Using the document control suite, users can not only perform version review but also sign the document digitally. As users across organization can create and maintain documents using any desktop application, the version control is simpler from different touch point in the system.

Lexmark’s healthcare document management solution provides easy accessibility to content that is in various formats

Lexmark’s document management solution has proved successful in being in sync with technological changes and needs of the healthcare world. The web based and device independent platform has it’s the capacity to address different document management problems. One of the clients of Lexmark called Premera Blue Cross, a non-profit regional health plan with nearly 1.3 million members was riddled with problems in information sharing and accounts payable system. The team at Lexmark deployed the solution within three days and integrated it with People Soft Accounts Payable and Expenses modules at Premera. Deployment of solution enabled the organization to share information easily with associates in other locations, bringing down the volume of paper work. Before the implementing solution, satellite offices of Premera in the states of Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Alaska had to await two days for mailed invoices and after receiving approval from the managers, the documents had to be sent back to Accounts Payable (AP) department. With Perceptive Workflow, another module in document management solution, the scanned invoices could be sent to managers for approval and routed back. The module also allowed the specialist to enter details into People Soft and route invoices to colleague for review. The managers could not only receive and approve invoices but also keep track of the documents in real time. Eventually, paper output, mailing cost, and man hours were reduced as the information could be shared across offices. Amazed with the results, Premera now plans to implement the document management solution in purchasing, human resource, and payroll departments.

Lexmark is focused on developing document management solutions. Gartner and Forrester have recognized the company as an enterprise content management leader. Customer centric approach of team Lexmark has so far attuned to the attainment of the goal. Along with constant evolution as a company, Lexmark is foraying into new markets and providing right direction to its employees.