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LifeWatch Services: Digital Workflow for Better Health Outcomes

Nicholas Piazza, U.S. Director of EMR Integration, LifeWatch ServicesNicholas Piazza, U.S. Director of EMR Integration, LifeWatch Services
In the journey to achieve a comprehensive digital workflow across the care continuum, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) integration has emerged as a force multiplier for healthcare organizations. EMR integration helps clinical staff—including the physicians— with an efficient workflow, enabling them to take actionable healthcare decisions, saving cost and time by reducing paper-based workflow, while driving patient experience and outcomes. The healthcare CIOs, however, are frequented by obstacles in the form of cost, time, and resources required for an EMR project lifecycle. The continuous influx of new EMR systems into the healthcare arena add to the complexity of managing the data format across the broadening spectrum of the EMR systems. EMR integration thus becomes a more nuanced approach where clinical and technological aspects are carefully addressed to facilitate seamless data transactions. As the enabler of digital workflow solutions for the healthcare institutions and practitioners, LifeWatch is delivering expert technology for efficient health information exchange and clinical data interoperability.

Having vast experience in the healthcare industry, LifeWatch Services, takes a consultative approach as it thoroughly understands clients’ needs by interviewing their clinical and technical staff. This practice puts LifeWatch in a better position to comprehend clients’ current IT implementations for the EMR integration and their intended outcomes. Soon after the initial pre-planning process involving various stakeholders, the team delivers a variety of capabilities in creating a digital workflow solution that standardizes the integration of EMR systems with their existing infrastructure.

The company is able to provide different connectivity methods as wellas various report format options, forming a link between LifeWatch’s digital workflow solution and their customers’ EMR systems. Transitioning from a completely manual to a highly automated process, time, and cost benefits become an apparent theme in LifeWatch’s integrations.

The flexibility and customization we bring to the table in working with disparate technologies and data types for EMR integration is really a game changer

The company ensures that a constant communication channel is kept open with their customers to get a sense of clinical requirements in EMR Integration. For instance, Nicholas Piazza, U.S. Director of EMR Integration at LifeWatch Services, highlights how a meticulous feature of their solutions— reduction in many steps required to access patient data in a timely way—can go a long way in establishing quicker, remote and secure access, one of the primary needs of physicians and clinicians alike. “The flexibility and customization we bring to the table in working with disparate technologies and data types for EMR integration is a game changer,” says Piazza.

A case in point is when the clinical staff at NY Heart Center spent hours each day printing, scanning, and uploading their data into an EMR system, and storing them tediously in individual patient folders within the software. LifeWatchEMR Services was taken onboard to mitigate the challenges in delivering high-quality patient care in a cost-effective environment. The EMR-integrator, LifeWatch, enabled the center to add value to their cardiac EKG monitoring program and integrate patient reports seamlessly with their EMR. Post-integration efficiency meant that the staff could now save 20 hours in a week otherwise spent on mundane data entry tasks. More importantly, LifeWatch’s EMR integration allowed for easy access to all EKG patient reports published on their physician portal, and import the same into their EMR system seamlessly.

Communication and collaboration— the key attributes for effective business decisions—runs without barriers across the hierarchy at LifeWatch. These traits, in turn, reflect in every interaction with their clients. “It is critical to have the right people in every chain of communication,” says Piazza. As the EMR integration grows in complexity, LifeWatch Services strides ahead with thought leadership, expertise, and customized solutions to better manage patient information exchange and facilitate precision-based healthcare delivery.