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Liquid Web: Managed Hosting Model for Robust Security

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Joe Oesterling, CTO, Liquid WebJoe Oesterling, CTO, Liquid Web
In a radically connected world, data breaches continue to manifold in frequencies with healthcare industry enduring the highest number of security breaches worldwide. According to reports, the number of health records affected by breaches more than doubled in the past few years, leading to a staggering 133 percent hike in the number of compromised health records in 2018 alone. Malware attacks are also on the rise in almost every industry and are constantly changing their methodologies to bypass traditional security methods. As healthcare organizations continue migrating to the public cloud, they often struggle to attain strong security measures, while aligning with the necessary compliance frameworks at the same time. In an ambitious bid to safeguard the healthcare sector from cyber threats and compliance issues, Liquid Web provides state-of-the-art managed hosting solutions and products for organizations’ mission-critical sites and applications.

Unlike other public cloud providers, the managed hosting model from Liquid Web unfolds more robust security levels and additional safeguards to empower organizations with the processing power of dedicated hosting. “ Liquid Web’s fully managed hosting solutions are built on single-tenant dedicated servers, providing confidence that data is not commingled and that we are meeting the needs for a compliant solutions provider. Our HITECH certification means our clients can be assured that we have the physical and technical safeguards in place and that our processes, policies, and network security are all focused on protecting customer’s data with the highest standards. And knowing that our services are backed by The Most Helpful Humans In Hosting™ provides peace of mind to the SMB’s that depend on us.” states Joe Oesterling, CTO at Liquid Web.

While other public cloud providers offer tools and services to protect services running in their cloud, Liquid Web allows companies to maintain the strongest security controls and stay relevant, accessible, and ubiquitous. Besides, the company owns its core data centers and extends an unmatched level of security right from the network level all the way to the physical security of its facilities. By focusing on the core facets of its business model, infrastructure, and support, Liquid Web’s extended security processes eliminate every client concern about complications in complying with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. The company takes a hands-on approach to assist the clients in developing the perfect compliant hosting infrastructure as per their specific requirements and provide support services once the project is launched. This allows organizations who are partnering with Liquid Web to build a strong presence in the industry with a significant head start on the security front.

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, Liquid Web is well positioned to assist clients in implementing the proper administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to remain compliant with the emerging regulatory measures. The company also collaborates with third-party auditors such as UHY International, for validating the HIPAA or HITECH compliance of its various solutions. All of Liquid Web’s hosting solutions are built on dedicated hardware, and no resources are shared with any other tenants. In addition, all the HIPAA compliant solutions of the company are housed in locked cabinets in its data centers, thereby wrapping an extra level of security on top for securing the client data.

At its core, quick and efficient service is what constitutes the DNA of Liquid Web, and is the key that drives the clients’ success rate. Liquid Web essentially acts as an extension of the client’s IT teams, taking on the responsibility for managing their servers, networking, security, backups, and more, and provide world-class technical support round-the-clock. The company is capable of developing HIPAA hosting solutions from the ground up, built completely customized as per the client requirements. Thanks to its unique solutions and excellent support services, Liquid Web has bagged customer loyalty over the years and sports an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on customer voting.

As an 11-time winner of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, Liquid Web plans to further innovate its products and solutions in the near future and also looks forward to introducing modern strategies to help its customers gain perennial success online.