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LocateMotion: Develops SenSights.AI, A Unique Tablet Solution Exclusively for Seniors

Nauman Jaffar, Founder, MarkiTech, LocateMotionNauman Jaffar, Founder, MarkiTech, LocateMotion
In a recent survey led by the U.S. Census Bureau, over 10,000 people turn 65 and older every day in North America. As older adults wish to stay in the comforts of their homes, demand for home health care is expected to increase significantly in the years to come. Traditionally, healthcare providers offered home care to this bracket of the aging population through a team of personal support workers and home health aides. And while home care is the best alternative to nursing homes and long-term care settings, healthcare agencies fail to supply enough care providers to cater to the needs of American seniors. Based on various sources, there is an expected 7.8Mill caregiver shortage by 2026 which will put more burden on informal caregivers like all of us. In this regard, there is an urgent call to reevaluate the current approach toward senior care and respond to the ever-increasing demand-supply gaps. Addressing this need is Locate Motion Inc, which has developed SenSights.AI, a well-being intelligence platform that provides virtual care, wellness monitoring and clinical decision support for older patients. The platform is unique because

- It is focused 100% on older adults (senior insights hence the name SENSIGHTS)

- It offers contactless wellness monitoring with tools like Veyetals, Ambient Sensors etc., hence patient does not need to wear any device to be monitored

- It is launching a tablet solution focused entirely for older adults with large icons, buttons, easy to use

- It is the only solution which will have an AI and Voice enabled Care Coach or Avatar on the tablet that will learn the senior’s personalized needs and help with day to day functions

- And much more all geared towards older adults with cognitive challenges

Bottom line, the platform aims to track wellness of the users by capturing their vitals, daily notes, medication effects, feelings, behavior, and subsequently assessing virtual interventions based on risk levels.

The idea of Locate Motion was conceived by its founder, Nauman Jaffar, who had to trace his child after he went missing while playing outside. Although he tracked his child within half an hour, he thought of developing a solution that could trace missing children, and he went on to lay the foundation for Locate Motion. Since then, the company has grown significantly, now also focusing on helping older adults live longer and safer in the comforts of their homes. The company’s product portfolio includes a solution called Safe@ Home, which is a health intelligence solution integrated with SenSights. AI.

The solution captures patient data from multiple sources and leverages it for remote patient monitoring. “The solution primarily focuses on fall detection, wandering detection, and tracking chronic medical conditions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels,” mentions Johanna Coutinho, Director of Marketing at Locate Motion. As the solution connects older adults with physicians, home care agencies, their families, and their social circles, it keeps seniors close to their families and friends.

The solution primarily focuses on fall detection, wandering, and tracking chronic medical conditions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels and sends alerts when they are beyond the prescribed range

LocateMotion’s platform allow health care agencies to discard the traditional healthcare model that requires them to be physically present with the patient. As the company brings a virtual platform into the home, home care agencies can monitor their clients round the clock without visiting them in person. That said, if the patients’ vital signs fall below the threshold, the solution alerts the caregivers, and they can respond to the alerts proactively. In essence, the company’s solution enables homecare agencies to continue to provide effective and cost-optimized care to more patients. While doing this, they can also reallocate their limited healthcare resources to cater to the needs of a growing senior population in an effective and productive manner.

As LocateMotion’s Safe@Home comes with tablet, mobile and web applications, older adults’ care circle can always connect with them. They can add friends, personal support workers, doctors, and family members to the application. After signing up, the application starts monitoring the user’s vital signs and enables the user to set smart alerts. Locate Motion uses a technology that can capture falls even without the user having to wear a sensor. In order to detect falls, the company provides a wall-mounted device that sends an alert message to the caregiver when it detects falls.

In one instance, a home care agency approached LocateMotion to help them monitor the patient’s blood pressure and glucose level remotely. One of the patients who started using the glucometer was delighted with the company’s device. As he could save the data on the application, he found the device and the application extremely beneficial. But, more importantly, doctors were able to use this data to assess the patient’s health conditions.

Such stories stem from LocateMotion’s commitment to making the lives of elderly citizens better and more convenient. The company continues to innovate to bring new solutions capable of changing the lives of elders dramatically. More recently, they have started working on another solution called Veyetals that can monitor the user’s vital signs through a smartphone. The company plans to augment this solution by including new features and capabilities in the days to come. In addition, Locate Motion has collaborated with Queen’s University, Ontario, to bring new AI-based solutions that can predict diabetes, and falls before they happen. With such solutions, the company intends to improve the condition of all their patients, helping them live full and healthy lives.

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Nauman Jaffar, Founder, MarkiTech , LocateMotion

LocateMotion (SenSights.AI™) is well-being intelligence platform focused on providing virtual care and clinical decision support for mild dementia patients, starting with early cognitive decline amongst older adults. SenSights.AI™ uses AI and emerging technologies to gather data by creating a highly accurate digital twin to help personalize treatment choice, reduce the rate of cognitive decline and increase independence and aging in place among older adults. In the case of healthcare companies, we help improve healthcare outcomes, increase capacity and reduce hospital admission and/or readmission rates. Our platform uses millions of records of observational, behavioural, biometric, environmental and demographic data to improve our ML models of reducing wandering, fall and infection episodes and, ultimately, cognitive decline