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Robert Crowe, Founder and CEO, MatchwellRobert Crowe, Founder and CEO, Matchwell Healthcare organizations have a litany of operational challenges they face every single day. One of these more prominent challenges that has plagued the healthcare industry for years is staff shortages. Not only is there a clinician deficit, but patient census fluctuations often mean that one organization may be overstaffed while the organization across the street is understaffed. These staffing challenges have only been intensified in 2020 with the introduction of COVID-19 as healthcare organizations quarantine staff and balance surges. Traditionally, healthcare organizations have had to rely on overtime or expensive staffing agencies to fill in the gaps. Meanwhile, just like workers in other industries, healthcare professionals are increasingly seeking more flexible work arrangements to accommodate their own personal work-life balances. Almost every healthcare organization has talked about the challenge of tapping into a flexible workforce in a more seamless and cost-effective way, but all too often overtime and staffing agencies continue to be the default band-aid solution.

Matchwell is the solution.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Matchwell provides a powerful marketplace platform to assist healthcare organizations in revolutionizing how they access qualified healthcare professionals for flexible work. “We’re helping healthcare organizations tap into a growing workforce of professionals who need a little more flexibility and we’re leveraging technology to make it easy, fast, and more cost efficient than any other solution in the industry,” says Robert Crowe, Founder and CEO at Matchwell.

Matchwell was founded in 2017 by Robert Crowe who had spent two decades in the staffing industry. Every day he witnessed the workforce challenges facing healthcare organizations and realized that these organizations needed a more proactive, cost-efficient and supportive tool in their recruiting and engagement toolkit. Technology makes is possible to take a very difficult logistical issue and make it seem simple – Matchwell’s platform not only helps healthcare organizations replace their agency usage but also helps them access a totally new workforce that has by-in-large been out of reach for many organizations. Similarly, Matchwell helps empower healthcare professionals to pick up extra work by making it easy for them to do so – directly with the healthcare organization. “We eliminated the middleman and the need to have an expensive staffing agency involved – just direct access to great people who are qualified, credentialed, and interested in flex work,” adds Crowe.

In talking through the core competencies of Matchwell’s platform, Crowe elaborates on how his company’s business model, coupled with the technology’s unparalleled ability to connect the dots between clinicians and clinics, is helping revolutionize flexible work in the healthcare field. Matchwell has grown tremendously fast and has some pretty impressive success stories already under their belt. For example, Matchwell has partnered with Kentucky-based Signature HealthCARE— the seventh-largest post-acute healthcare organization in the U.S.—in fulfilling their mission to deliver healthcare in the quickest and most innovative way.

As a result of their collaboration with Matchwell, Signature HealthCARE is now able to offer a new way for Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) to engage in work with their communities. “Together we are building a network of qualified clinicians that will empower Signature HealthCARE to eliminate agency, reduce overtime, and have an ever-growing pipeline of future full-time hires,” states Crowe.

Matchwell has a mission to help save the US Healthcare industry $1B in agency fees and overtime. But it doesn’t stop there, Matchwell also donates vaccines with every single match in their platform. They’ve partnered with Durham, NC - based Vaccine Ambassadors to facilitate this giving component of their model. According to Crowe, Matchwell’s core ethos is to simply ‘always do the right thing, for the right reasons, and to give back whenever and wherever possible’. This may explain why organizations from all settings – from hospitals to skilled nursing to clinics to home health, assisted living and schools are turning to Matchwell. Looking ahead, Matchwell has a growing waitlist across multiple states and expects to double its footprint in 2021. “In three years, we will be available to every organization who needs to access healthcare professionals across the country and through technology, we can empower people to come together easily for great work and return billions of dollars back to the healthcare system” concludes Crowe.

- Aaron Paul
    November 30, 2020
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Robert Crowe, Founder and CEO , Matchwell

Offers a marketplace platform that enables easy, direct and transparent access between healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals for flexible work opportunities