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MaxxVault: Organizing, Securing and Managing Sensitive Healthcare Information Seamlessly

Bruce Malyon, CEO, MaxxVaultBruce Malyon, CEO, MaxxVault
Lately cloud has become the epicenter of processes and practices in the healthcare industry. Executives are often seen pursuing cloud services to support their document management drills—although only few prevail and many end up confused, not knowing from which department to start in their endeavor. “A company can have many parallel running business units with their own data repository—so the delicate question is to know from where to begin with managing the documents,” says Bruce Malyon, CEO, MaxxVault. On the other side, healthcare organizations demands a fluent access to their vital data, and Malyon further adds that, “Data management, access, everything should remain HIPAA compliant and secure,” adds Malyon. MaxxVault headquartered in Bohemia, New York, is a provider of Enterprise Content Management software solutions for the distribution, processing and control of corporate documents. MaxxVault helps organizations to deal with this struggle to become more paperless and make current business processes efficient. Before providing its industry leading Document Management Solutions (DMS), MaxxVault assesses the departments with the most critical needs to be managed and streamlined—and commences accordingly.

MaxxVault helps both small and large businesses save money, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and meet regulatory compliance through their Best-In-Class Enterprise Content Management solutions. Built on an open system using the latest technology, the company provides healthcare organizations enhanced security, dependability and interoperability within their existing systems. The open system framework enables MaxxVault’s solutions to integrate with majority of the leading EMR software applications. Shedding more light on the compatibility side, Malyon states, “Our MaxxBol, integration toolbar allows us to integrate with almost any third party application.” Users can easily retrieve documents from MaxxBolt as well as complete workflows, and upload new content to the secure MaxxVault repository.

Our MaxxBolt integration toolbar allows us to integrate with almost any third party application

“We also allow our customers to seamlessly access and store documents from Microsoft Office and Outlook,” adds Malyon. The offerings by MaxxVault can be implemented on premise or hosted through cloud, where they remain HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

In the healthcare industry, solutions that can do auto classification of documents and streamline business processes via workflows inflates Return on Investments (ROI) like none other. The MaxxVault ROI calculator was developed for the same purpose—displaying how any DMS could help save client’s time and money. “We wanted to give organizations the ability to plug in their own estimates to see what potential savings could be made,” says Malyon.

Briefing on their cost effectiveness Malyon says, “Our software solution delivers a large amount of features and functionality for an affordable price compared to our competition in the healthcare space.” Another differentiating factor of MaxxVault is their development team. At the company, the developers center their focus on adding resilient features to the product line, yet keeping the implementation process simple and agile. “We are also drawing a line between us and rest of competition through our support service,” adds Malyon. “We strive to give an exceptional support to our healthcare clients, which have allowed us to make strong relationships with them.” This can be testified with a case study involving Parker Jewish Institute—a nonprofit rehabilitation centre—where the firm wielded best return from their relationship with MaxxVault. Parker initially was searching for a solution that can help them maintain their patient’s information, stored in their EMR system. MaxxVault solutions enabled Parker to retrieve patient data effortlessly, along with keeping a track on the complete history of the patient documents.

For the future, MaxxVault is getting ready to play in the ecosystem of hosted solutions. While investing heavily on cloud, MaxxVault aspires to become a reputed name, not only in the space of Enterprise Document Management and Enterprise Content Management, but in Digital Creation as well.