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MaxxHealth by MaxxVault LLC: Empowering Healthcare with Simplified Document Management and Workflow Solutions

The healthcare industry thrives on making the right decision. Not having the critical information at hand can directly impact business, delay healthcare decisions, and pose legal issues. This requires keeping track of information that is dispersed between different applications, stored in different locations, hidden within network directories, strewn through various e-mails, and isolated on various servers or workstations. While helping businesses with generic enterprise-level document management systems for over a decade, MaxxVault recognized the need for building a custom document management solution—flexible enough to fit every healthcare requirement and regulations with minimum configuration. Aiding healthcare organizations to make swift decisions while maximizing productivity, efficiency, and compliance, MaxxVault’s MaxxHealth Content Management solutions make right decision-making cost-effective for any size healthcare facility.

MaxxHealth is an all-in-one solution package, tailored with a specific set of modules, features, and controls that can be deployed at healthcare agency of all sizes—including nursing homes, living centers, claims processing center, and large hospitals with multiple campuses. To start with, the MaxxVault team goes through a rigid process of identifying the flow of medical records across every department—all the way from patient admission and medical billing to back office for HR and accounting. Based on the identified pain points, the company designs custom demo software prior to final deployment. “The extensive expertise in database management and overall functionality versus cost ratio behind MaxxHealth are the major differentiators. The solution possesses some of the crucial features required in the healthcare vertical such as file encryption, dual authentication, full audit trails, and documentation and user management,” explains Bruce Malyon, MaxxVault’s CEO.

Based on client’s unique requirement, MaxxHealth can be deployed on-premise or cloud-hosted. It comes preconfigured with capabilities such as enterprise workflows, digital signature, DocuSign integration, paper-based or electronic file records management, and online forms designer. The solution also includes several built-in modules such as MaxxBolt, a customized toolbar which can integrate with any third-party application without any coding and MaxxExtract module that helps clients with OCR for front-end scanning and automatic indexing. Focused on reducing overall client investment, MaxxHealth is also available as a subscription-based service, allowing every client to harness the power of enterprise-level document management solutions.

Our team’s extensive expertise in information management and MaxxHealth’s overall functionality versus cost ratio are the major differentiators we have over our competition

Once MaxxHealth is deployed, the healthcare clients are fully trained on the solution prior to sign-off. Clients can also send support emails to the company and expect a guaranteed SLA response time of fewer than 15 minutes. “We can remotely see the problem, resolve it, and close the ticket, with 86-90 percent ticket closure rate,” says Malyon. He cites a case study Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, wherein the client required assistance in storing and managing large amounts of documents that could ensure timely availability of patient information. Simplifying patient information sharing, MaxxVault placed Fujitsu scanners at the workstations in the home care and admissions departments. This enabled the staff to scan and store documents immediately into the MaxxHealth central repository using a unique key for easy identification. MaxxHealth documents are also automatically routed to an export folder from which the documents are uploaded into the clients EMR system— providing doctors and nurses with all patient information in one location.

MaxxHealth has added numerous features to its solution for eliminating information silos and enable a truly connected healthcare enterprise. The company has recently integrated MaxxSafe module as a default feature for MaxxHealth that allows healthcare organizations to securely send external healthcare records to a third-party while having complete control over file access. Having marked a cornerstone in document management across the US, MaxxVault has extended its reach internationally, catering to healthcare organizations in Hong Kong, Australia, London, and various parts of Europe.