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MedBridge: Improving Patient Engagement and Outcomes at a Lower Cost

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Justin Kowalchuk, CEO and Founder, MedBridgeJustin Kowalchuk, CEO and Founder, MedBridge
In today’s complex healthcare landscape, healthcare organizations’ success hinges on their ability to provide high-quality care. The increased pressures of value-based care regulations and capitated payment structures necessitate that organizations achieve optimal clinical outcomes at a lower cost. For the best possible care outcomes, providers must not only ensure consistent clinical excellence but also capture patient buy-in and engagement. It’s no secret that patient engagement and adherence is a major challenge, with nonadherence rates estimated to be between 25 and 50 percent which in turn leads to unnecessary financial burden.

As healthcare providers look for new, creative ways to solve these challenges, MedBridge is leading the charge by driving better patient care at a lower cost, helping providers meet their clinical quality goals and maximize reimbursements to keep their bottom line strong and healthy. MedBridge’s multifaceted ecosystem, which includes a comprehensive online clinical education library, patient engagement platform and patient education resources, offers healthcare providers a complete suite of tools and empowers professionals and patients to work together as partners with an outcomes-focused perspective.

“MedBridge is committed to helping organizations improve lives by driving positive behavior change and effective rehabilitation at a lower cost,” said Justin Kowalchuk, MedBridge’s founder and CEO. “The recent regulatory changes require healthcare providers to manage their patient populations differently to ensure that each patient receives appropriate care based on their level of complexity. Healthcare organizations must ensure that their staff have the ongoing education necessary to practice at the top of their fields, as well as the tools to engage patients at the level of care required to improve adherence and patient satisfaction.”

MedBridge’s patient engagement solution is one part of an ecosystem designed to ensure the highest quality care in the most efficient manner.

Via a sophisticated platform that allows for customized patient education and home exercise programming, MedBridge serves the needs of patients at any point on the continuum of care. Additionally, given the increasingly data-driven approach to diagnostics and interventions, the platform provides for a Pathways of Care templated approach that integrates directly with EMRs, creating an ease of use that increases provider and patient utilization as well as consistency of care.

While only 5 percent of patients are considered high complexity, they account for an estimated 50 percent of healthcare spending. As healthcare organizations switch to a value-3 based care paradigm, technology solutions such as MedBridge can effectively serve low-risk and stabilized patients and give providers the bandwidth to effectively address the needs of more complex patients.

MedBridge’s data-driven technological solutions take into account not just patients’ levels of need, but also individual communication styles and engagement preferences. Tools like MedBridge’s online patient portal, MedBridge GO mobile app, and patient adherence tracker offer providers the flexibility to create proactive, prevention-focused self-management programs for less complex patients as well as intensive rehabilitation programs for more complex patients. In particular, MedBridge’s patient adherence tracker helps providers break down barriers, supporting patients of all complexity levels to successfully complete assigned programs with improved engagement.

“By integrating reporting and patient-provider communication tools, healthcare providers gain insight through data-driven analytics,” Kowalchuk said. “This allows them to fine-tune treatment programs and optimize outcomes, improving engagement at every level of the complexity spectrum.”

In addition to patient-facing technology, MedBridge has identified that organizational change management is one of the largest challenges facing healthcare organizations’ efforts to establish lasting and effective patient engagement programs. As the nation’s largest producer of video-based medical education, MedBridge partners with health organizations to create and implement enterprise-wide change via customized strategies that elevate the engagement and adherence of both staff and patients.

As new regulations and standards continue to push healthcare organizations toward better population management and patient-centered care, it is clear that MedBridge’s technological solutions are poised to become essential resources for organizations and healthcare professionals.

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Justin Kowalchuk, CEO and Founder , MedBridge

MedBridge builds the tools to improve patient outcomes, increase profitability, and mitigate regulatory risk for more than 1,100 organizations nationwide. The fully integrated MedBridge platform provides the industry’s most powerful patient engagement, continuing education, compliance training, and enterprise-level reporting tools. Partnering with industry experts, MedBridge delivers the highest-quality education on a platform optimized for adult learning. Through a blend of content and software solutions, MedBridge offers a seamless system that uniquely addresses the needs of both professionals and their patients. Named by Inc. Magazine as one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, MedBridge drives better patient care while helping organizations improve financial performance