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Medek Health Systems LLC: A Reliable Partner for Seamless RPM

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Stan Van Meter, CEO, Medek Health Systems LLCStan Van Meter, CEO, Medek Health Systems LLC
A few years ago, telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems were only adopted to manage patients with chronic conditions, which necessitate the periodic tracking of health status information for a timely caregiving process. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, RPM and telehealth offerings witnessed a meteoric rise as the safety guidelines associated with COVID-19 pushed healthcare providers to treat all their patients remotely. A majority of hospitals and medical practices were not ready for this unprecedented growth in patient volumes, causing delays in day-to-day operations as well as effective remote consultations. Furthermore, the huge influx of patient data also became a problem as caregivers struggled to efficiently collect and analyze information from disparate medical devices, which drives additional inefficiencies in the overall remote patient care cycle.

Addressing all these challenges with its unique full-service remote patient monitoring program is Florida-based Medek Health Systems. Unlike existing RPM offerings that primarily focus on the consolidation and analysis of patient data, the company combines the state-of-the-art analytics technology of its RPM with the comprehensive expertise of its team of highly competent healthcare professionals to deliver seamless and timely care. “Our full-service RPM delivers seamless patient experiences via next-gen connectivity with bedside or in-home medical devices and our team know-how ensures better and continued patient engagement,” says Stan Van Meter, CEO at Medek Health.

Founded in 2008, Medek Health has always placed a significant emphasis on expanding its team with only the best and most innovative talent in the healthcare arena. In fact, the company prides itself on its ability to attract the top candidates in the space as it plays a huge role in its patient-centric approach to delivering seamless RPM. “Our rigorous team onboarding process ensures that we hire the right people to review a patient’s health information and customize the RPM program to align with the needs of a provider,” adds Van Meter. The company’s team also enhances the RPM program’s impact on patient health and caregiving efficiencies by working closely with patients and practitioners alike to incentivize RPM engagements and motivate users to stay engaged.

Further discussing the core competencies of his RPM program, Van Meter mentions how Medek Health’s offering leverages the company’s long-running partnership with leading healthcare technology innovators to deliver a seamless patient experience with minimal technology adjustments.

“Our ability to offer 24/7 connectivity with devices over cellular data and Wi-Fi enables geriatric patients to go about their lives without worrying about using complicated technology,” explains Van Meter. At the same time, Medek Health’s onboarding team ensures that every medtech device is perfectly set up in order to efficiently deliver real-time patient data to the relevant caregivers. Alternatively, for care providers, the company offers its tools for effectively analyzing datasets and provides training regimes to support medical practitioners in making the most of their Medek Health RPM implementation. And in case of any potential equipment breakdowns, the company takes a proactive approach to mitigate such challenges and replaces the deployment in question. Additionally, Medek Health’s RPM program comprises an internal billing capability that automatically calculates patient bills and generates all the necessary forms on behalf of the provider, thereby eliminating the cumbersome manual billing processes. Medek RPM platform also has a Doctor portal that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis to prioritize patients who may have a problem. Later, the Patient Care Team can spot problems and intervene on caregivers’ behalf.
  • Our full-service RPM delivers seamless patient experiences via next-gen connectivity with bedside or in-home medical devices and our team know-how ensures better and continued patient engagement

With such unmatched capabilities, Medek Health has ignited several success stories since its inception. In the last year, when the COVID-19 outbreak started disrupting normal operations, the company leveraged its industry partner network to source and supply COVID-19 PCR and antigen/antibody testing kits to hospitals, government agencies, schools, sports franchises, among others. More recently, Medek Health assisted a practice significantly to enhance the impact of their RPM. After performing a six-month audit with the company, the customer witnessed an 18 percent improvement in the health of their patients with a 90 percent compliance rate with their new and revised RPM program.

Moving forward, Medek Health aims to capitalize on the rising opportunity in the telehealth and RPM spaces with its unique approach that combines next-gen technology tools with expert-level onboarding, operation, and maintenance support. In pursuit of this, the company is currently expanding its team and RPM capabilities with highly talented individuals and innovative features, respectively. To conclude, Van Meter reiterates the ethos of his company, “We will continue managing patient onboarding and providing medical devices with our revolutionary RPM program to support healthcare professionals in offering the most seamless and flexible RPM experience to their patients.”

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Medek Health Systems LLC

Mount Dora, FL

Stan Van Meter, CEO, Medek Health Systems LLC

Medek Health is a leading provider of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services for practices across the country. Medek Health’s mission is to provide high-quality solutions and the best service and care possible in the Remote Patient Monitoring industry without the hassles of outdated methods, while also offering a single proprietary portal tailored to a practice's specific needs.