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Medesk: Simplifying the Patient Journey

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Patients today are increasingly well-informed and keen on adopting technology to proactively engage with their own health. With just a few clicks, patients want to find, evaluate, and select the right doctor, book an appointment, and track test results and treatment plans. With digital awareness at an all-time high, patients expect more convenience, efficiency, and simplicity in the delivery and consumption of healthcare services. As a result, keeping pace with the rising demands of tech-savvy patients is indeed a sizable hurdle for healthcare providers. Medesk, a London-based practice management software provider and consultancy, addresses this challenge by building an integrated healthcare ecosystem that makes it possible for clinics to match and exceed their patients’ expectations.

Medesk combines everything clinics need to work with patients on a single digital platform. The ultimate goal is to offer patients a unique level of service quality. Medesk manages the entire patient pathway and diligently records and tracks relevant data points. This enables providers to optimize the patient experience all the way from appointment booking through to automatic reminders, notifications about new services, provision of medical records, and much more. “Medesk facilitates a truly balanced patient-doctor relationship, uniting all the tools needed to track the patient journey and optimize service quality. Clinics simply don’t find any use for other services when they have it all in Medesk,” says Vladimir Kovalskiy, Medesk co-founder and CEO.

Led by a driven and passionate team, Medesk caters to a wide range of private clinics, combining traditional practice management solutions with a healthy dose of innovative client relationship management tools. “A typical challenge that a new clinic faces is that its practitioners may not have a pre-existing list of patients who can be encouraged to attend the new premises,” states Kovalskiy. For instance, an occupational health practitioner from New York had to start from scratch upon moving to London.

Medesk facilitates a truly balanced patient-doctor relationship, uniting all the tools needed to track the patient journey and optimize service quality

Medesk provided her with unique appointment booking links for specific acquisition channels and referral partners to help her learn how patients and organizations found her new clinic. With data analysis and interpretation, Medesk allows clients to tweak their advertising campaigns to perfection, bringing in a reliable number of patients while also developing the beginnings of a standalone patient list.

Stemming from an idea for enhanced patient engagement that struck Kovalskiy a decade ago, the Medesk platform has grown rapidly. With their expertise, unique insights and smart digital tools, Medesk empowers providers to engage more effectively with patients. Having integrated a range of payment and accounting solutions, the company is working hard to add more capabilities. “Medesk has become a whole healthcare ecosystem that includes not just typical management support but also specialized medical CRM tools and a truly unified platform that brings together all the services required by clinics and patients alike,” rightfully summarizes Kovalskiy.

Medesk’s regular updates are always based on real feedback from thousands of doctors, administrators, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners and so take into account the current and future needs of the healthcare market. “Our goal is to realize our new concept of Medesk 24. Right now, the Medesk platform unites all the tools essential to clinics. In the future, we will extend this to include all the services that help patients to manage their own health in real time and facilitate prophylactic lifestyle changes,” informs Kovalskiy.