Medicity - Healthcare Information Exchange Solutions/Service Company

Medicity: Exchange Integrated and Standardized Data

Nancy Ham, CEO, MedicityNancy Ham, CEO, Medicity
The mobilization of Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) across hospital systems has simplified the process of accessing and retrieving clinical information to provide safer, effective, and equitable patient-centered care. “We’re building innovative technology that takes traditional HIE to the next level and ultimately helps make healthcare more efficient and affordable,” begins Nancy Ham, CEO, Medicity. Founded in 1999, Medicity provides the data foundation and integrated workflow solutions to facilitate health management objectives. Through partnerships with other healthcare businesses, Medicity delivers a complete, integrated population health management solution that includes timely clinician engagement, improved transitions of care, and reduced duplicative services.
Medicity Exchange standardizes and transmits patient data directly to EHR systems, via printer or email. It enables providers to access clinical documents quickly and easily, including Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), discharge summaries, and lab reports. The solution streamlines the receipt of orders, processes solicited orders and results, supports a wide range of workflows, and enables providers to manage both lab and scheduled orders. “With Medicity Exchange, organizations can improve the quality of care by delivering real time patient data electronically,” illustrates Nancy. This allows for immediate provider access, which drives informed care decisions and prompt treatment.

The company has partnered with Healthagen, HDMS, athenahealth, and PointClickCare to bring innovation to the healthcare sector by delivering an integrated population health management solution.