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Medikos: Data-Enabled Clinical Care Optimization

 Alberto Solé, President and CEO, Medikos
Comprehending the data collected from a mix of various medical equipment and lab results deter-mines the response time and decision-making capabilities of the medical staff. Declaring interoperability and normalization as the keys to success, Alberto Solé, CEO and President of Medikos has leveraged his two decades of specialization in medical physics to create his patented Life Evolutive Dashboard (LED) solution—offering the ability to integrate disparate data from multiple systems and converting that data into actionable knowledge. Harboring semantic interoperability between medical devices, systems, and networks to optimize clinical care processes, “The connectivity and in-teroperability abilities presented by LED provide real-time insights and history about patients, equipment, and procedures greatly empowering healthcare providers to better define diagnosis,” explains Solé.

The patient-centric LED solution is a conjunction of a hardware set—that collects data from medical devices—and software set that brings all the data into a central server which is directly linked to the hospital’s existing EMR system. While current systems can display, results based on a single test, Medikos’ LED not only displays patient data like allergy and medical background, but also provides detailed health insights for a specific day or time of the patient care by tracking the progression and history of the patients’ health from the time of admission. After normalizing the information in a specific data structure, a graphical view displays complete patient information so that physicians working on shifts can understand patient history, leading to reduced human errors, maximized clinical efficiency, improved patient safety, and reduced infrastructure and information system costs. “Information at hand help doctors to make better medical decisions,” discloses Solé. During readmission, patients’ historical data can also be accessed for further treatment.

By leveraging LED solution’s portability, integrating it in ambulances and helicopters syncs the patient’s vitals to the hospital before they arrive at the emergency room. This collaborative approach saves patient lives 90 percent of the times.

LED’s connectivity and interoperability abilities provide real-time insights and history about patients, equipment, and procedures

Combining machine learning and data, hospitals can also predict the future condition of the patient and offer possible solutions to any kind of complications using its inbuilt mathematical model.

Many hospitals have successfully deployed Medikos’ solution to provide seamless patient care. Miami-based Nicklaus Children's Hospital opened a new Advanced Pediatric Care Pavilion, a new tower with 189 ICU beds this increased the number of patients using the current monitors and ventilators. As part of innovative research to allow for data storage and subsequent review and to harness real-time investigations, Nicklaus Children Hospital deployed the LED solution for a collaborative approach towards patients. For instance, when a patient was transferred from Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) the hospital staff could bypass manual gathering of previous details regarding the patient’s drugs and vitals. As children are most susceptible to fast degrading health conditions, Medikos’ dashboard is designed to help clinicians obtain and visualize the necessary details about the patient’s vitals and medication rapidly thus helping the clinical staff with a faster and more accurate diagnostics and resolution. Nicklaus Children Hospital is working with Medikos to build predictability algorithms for pediatric environments using LED data to prevent cardiac and respiratory organ failures, prematurely, before the failure occurs.

Being a trusted partner to many hospitals, Medikos is focused on growing its business horizon using the power and versatility of their data-integrated medical system. Available as in-hospital licensed software products and as a networked cloud service, the firm is enabling medical staff to provide great procedures and ideas to combat any disease. Highly focused on the development, market research, and market perspective, “Medikos’ goal is to collaborate with researchers and companies to become the standard for integration of clinical information system across numerous medical specialties and help patients worldwide,” concludes Solé.