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MediOrbis: Connect with a World Class Medical Specialist: Anywhere in the World

Jonathan Wiesen, Founder,MD & Chief Medical Officer, MediOrbisJonathan Wiesen, Founder,MD & Chief Medical Officer, MediOrbis
Telemedicine has been used for several years to bring healthcare services to patients in remote locations. However, despite the benefits of increased access to care, improved quality, and lower cost, telemedicine has not witnessed widespread adoption. MediOrbis a multi-specialty telemedicine practice is changing the way medical care is delivered around the world with its robust physician network that includes the entire spectrum of clinical specialists and subspecialists. “Our end-to-end telemedicine platform includes the technology and staffing to provide patients access to expert telemedicine care,” states Jonathan Wiesen, MD, founder and Chief Medical Officer of MediOrbis/ MySpecialistMDNetwork. The company brings the highest level providers to the farthest reaches of the globe.

Leveraging a unique model that facilitates collaboration on an international scale with local partners, MediOrbis allows a patient to connect with physicians who identify with their culture and language. Apart from ensuring the patient’s comfort, this model grants easier access to a particular region’s healthcare infrastructure, resulting in greater flexibility in providing clinical services. Patients residing overseas can also gain access to top-tier U.S. board-certified physicians and specialists. All of the doctors in MediOrbis’s physician network, MySpecialistMDNetwork, have been trained in reputed medical institutions and, before joining, are subjected to rigorous background assessments and evaluation. Multiple continuous feedback mechanisms are in place to ensure that the highest standard of clinical performance is maintained.

MediOrbis collaborates with a diverse group of clients, ranging from hospitals and insurance companies to employee benefits providers.

Our end-to-end telemedicine platform includes the technology and staffing to provide patients access to the highest level and most comprehensive telemedicine care

This is accomplished through its proprietary software that serves as a platform for connecting physicians to remote patients. The platform was built for simplicity and efficiency, both for the patient and the provider. “Our platform was developed solely with the goal of streamlining and optimizing the workflow for physicians to connect with patients,” says Wiesen. After a quick registration process, appointments at a convenient time, or requests to be connected to a physician immediately can be set up through the platform’s portal. Patients can either connect via video or audio for consultation with a general telemedicine physician or a specialist.

MediOrbis’s platform was designed by the former director of one of the largest healthcare companies in the U.S. Consequently, the platform maintains the highest level of security encryption and HIPAA compliance. MediOrbis aims to enhance its platform to provide a superior user experience, and also grow its network of healthcare service providers. “As we continue to broaden our global footprint, we gain more experience with our clinical program to provide top tier telemedicine service,” says Wiesen.

Since it is a physician founded and led practice, MediOrbis’s primary goal is to provide patients with access to a huge breadth and the highest level of medical care. Along with outstanding patient experience, the company ensures that physicians also enjoy providing care. This is achieved through a straightforward platform that streamlines documentation processes and eliminates inefficiencies found in run-of-the-mill medical software platforms. Moreover, the platform minimizes overhead costs and helps expand patient reach in regions where other telemedicine companies have yet to venture. For patients with chronic or long-term medical conditions, remote patient monitoring is a vital service facilitated seamlessly by MediOrbis’s platform. MediOrbis is proud to offer the ability to connect a patient with a world-class medical expert at anytime, anywhere for cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment.