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MediPortal: Enhancing Care with Interoperable HIE

Aperson living in California goes to New York for a vacation. He dines outside and suddenly falls ill. He is rushed to the hospital, but due to his condition, he is unable to disclose his complete information and health record to the doctor.

There is a huge responsibility placed on the attending physician to carry out the right treatment without knowing the complete patient information. Imagine if there was an interoperable health information exchange (HIE) system available to the hospital in New York and by just typing the patient’s name, the doctors could retrieve his complete medical history from his care provider in California.

As a member of Commonwealth Health Alliance, MediPortal provides precisely this private medical information exchange system that allows various medical systems to work with each other to give patients and physicians a complete medical record. Unlike other HIE systems that bombard the physicians with a lot of data, MediPortal’s solution filters and streamlines the data and only offers relevant information to the doctors but most importantly is screened and controlled by the patient.

The company provides a consumer-facing app for patients giving them complete access to their own health information. “At the end of the day, it is all about people and their health,” says Anand Prabhu, founder and CEO of MediPortal. In fact, Prabhu founded the company with the goal of giving people access to their information from various scattered healthcare systems.

Along the way, care providers and physicians overwhelmingly expressed the same challenges about trying to access patient data when providing care.

Apart from solving problems associated with existing paper-based records, MediPortal’s private medical information exchange system saves hours spent on administrative tasks. The platform offers two different but interlinked apps for the patients and providers respectively.

While the provider’s app offers in-depth detail about the patient’s information and reports, the patient’s app displays data in a more understandable format.

MediPortal transforms a patient with five or six different doctors to a person with a team of doctors that are working in conjunction to provide the best possible care and outcome

“MediPortal transforms a patient with five or six different doctors, to a person with a team of doctors working in conjunction to provide the best possible care and outcome,” extols Prabhu.

What’s more, MediPortal has not only created an MIE for doctors working in a targeted geographic ecosystem but also created an interoperable system that works across current boundaries driven by consumer participation and need.

A testimony to MediPortal’s system is an independent practice association (IPA) who has expanded from having 1000 doctors to over 3000 doctors. All of the doctors were using several different EMRs, and none of them were talking to each other creating bottlenecks when one doctor referred a patient to another within the IPA. Without changing their existing infrastructure, MediPortal layered their platform on top of existing technology creating an ecosystem able to present relevant patient information to doctors when required.

Prabhu explains the journey MediPortal has gone through over the years due to technological constraints in the industry. “Today, a lot of technologies have been standardized making it easier to move information smoothly between various systems, but the hard work of bringing sites live still remains.” Staying at the leading edge of these innovations, the company has a well-plotted roadmap that includes working with large health systems, but always primarily centered around the patient. MediPortal will continue working on its goal of providing health and care information at the fingertips of people and their care providers.